Marco Rubio leads Charlie Crist in the latest Rasmussen poll

February 2nd, 2010 by — Is there another surprise upset in the making?

Less than two weeks ago, Scott Brown shocked the nation by defeating Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election for the Senate seat previously occupied by Ted Kennedy. In one of the nation’s most liberal states, Scott Brown, a fiscally conservative Republican, was able to win the support of enough independent voters to become the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts since 1972.

Now it appears, another stunning upset could be in the making. In the bid for the Republic Senate nomination in the upcoming 2010 election, Marco Rubio now leads former Florida governor, Charlie Crist, in the latest Rasmussen poll.

According to the Rasmussen poll conducted on January 27, Rubio now leads Crist by a 12-point margin (49% to 37%) among likely GOP primary voters. Marco Rubio also leads Crist in a recent Quinnipiac poll by a 3-point margin (47% to 44%). At one point, Charlie Crist was leading Rubio in the polls by 31 points. But that lead has somehow evaporated.

Heading into the campaign for the 2010 Republican Senate Primary, it appeared that Charlie Crist had everything in his favor—he had name recognition; he had the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee; he had the advantage in fundraising; and he was leading by a large margin in all of the early polls.

Despite the fact that Charlie Crist still leads Rubio in total fundraising, Rubio has closed the gap in the last quarter ($2 million Crist / $1.75 million Rubio). But more importantly, it seems that voters now view Marco Rubio as the candidate who best represents change.

As we have seen in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, voters everywhere seem to be ready to embrace fresh, new politicians who at least on the surface appear to represent a break from politics as usual. The tea-party movement in Florida has also played to Marco Rubio’s advantage, as he enjoys the support of most tea-party patriots.

For Charlie Crist, the end of the road may be rapidly approaching. Since endorsing Barack Obama’s costly $800 billion stimulus package, Crist has not been able to shake the perception that he is nothing more than a moderate Republican who only knows how to act conservative when campaigning to win an election.

The recent polls and recent trends bode well for Marco Rubio—not so well for Charlie Crist.

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  1. I-ask-y

    Its good to see that the true Conservative candidate is beating out the (**yawn**) “yet-another-Liberal” Republican. Those that blindly support Crist, are only in it to see the Socialist values of the current occupant of the White House, be accelerated. Florida, its time for a break from the Liberal policies that are plaguing, not only the state, but the Nation as well!

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