Man Wants A Police Escort to Lil Wayne Concert

June 30th, 2009 by

Remember that song from 1990 by Public Enemy called “911 Is A Joke?”

A Florida man is learning the hard way that 911 is not really a joke after all. Twenty-year-old Michael Kruse, of Jacksonville, was arrested by police for falsely calling 911 twice, according to News 4 in Jacksonville.

What was his emergency you ask? He wanted to request a police escort to drive him 345-miles south to Miami so he can see rapper Lil Wayne’s concert.

Police said he might have been under the influence of something, but it’s unknown.

Before you all start saying this man is crazy, keep in mind, the president gets a police escort everywhere he goes. So does the vice president. Some celebrities get police escorts too.

This man probably just wated to be treated equally and get the same treatment as some other people get, regardless of his status.

Besides, Lil Wayne is a great rapper and performer. I’m sure his concert was on and poppin. Can’t really blame him for trying to attend the concert by any means necessary–even if that means calling 911.

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  1. corey landis

    Seriously? Who wrote this article? Lil Wayne is a stupid ass piece of shiz with little talent. And by no means does he compare to the President or Vice President.

  2. PJF

    Every day I get more and more embarassed to be an American.

  3. Common Sense

    Seems completely reasonable to me. Last month at the MGM I witnessed 3 knife fights and 2 gun battles at the Enya concert. The next time I see that bitch sing, I’m bringing my 9 milla. Word up.

  4. Greg

    I got something for this guy, “Kill Yourself!”. There is nothing good this person could possibly contribute to the world. Suicide is his best bet. For our sake!

  5. Aaron

    I agree,whoever wrote this piece of shiz is a jack azz,hell with that gagnsta pos!

  6. Aaron

    Fire the jack azz who wrote this or give him the thumb tack dodge ball treatment!!

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  8. Dickdog

    This guy need mental help now !

  9. Enurgrill Bichizz

    What this whole website built on an old landfill because its garbage. You bubba army clowns are sheep following behind a sheppard that will eventually f you over if it means more change in his pocket. Ex: how he did the loyal fans on sat radio. This fat fuc needs to hire a competent webmaster to handle this low class trailer park cousin humping mayo sandwich eating natural light drinking page that appeals to the type of people that think cousins make dozens and incest is the best.

  10. Sarge

    He must owe some money for some crack the he bought!! If he don’t pay up, they will bust a cap in his azz!!

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