Man shoots teen in Pasco, then kills self

August 10th, 2009 by

ODESSA - Andrew Sestok pulled up short of the intersection at Parker Pointe Boulevard and Gunn Highway Sunday afternoon to change a song on his iPod.

The guy in the pickup behind him, who was wearing a bulletproof vest and was armed with an assault rifle and handgun, didn’t appreciate the delay.

While Sestok, 17, and his three buddies were idling, the man pulled his Dodge pickup alongside their Jeep Wrangler and started yelling. Then he rolled down his window and started waving a gun.

“It was so unreal that I didn’t know if it was fake or what it was, and then I took off because I really didn’t want to find out,” the Odessa teen said.

With the angry man alongside the Jeep’s driver’s side and yelling through his passenger window, Sestok made a quick right onto Gunn Highway. The man fired the handgun several times at the fleeing Jeep, hitting 17-year-old Stuart Jones twice in the leg. Jones, sitting behind the driver’s seat, went to Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg with what the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office described as nonlife-threatening injuries. His friends said the bullets broke his leg.

“We were all just screaming from here all the way to 7-11,” said Chris Ferlita, 17, who was in the back seat with Jones. “We couldn’t believe this could happen in front of our neighborhood.”

A bullet grazed Ferlita, leaving a welt on his calf.

“I felt pressure from when the bullet went through both of his thighs and hit me,” he said.

The confrontation, which began shortly before 4 p.m., ended when the Jeep turned right onto Gunn Highway and the shooter went left. The Jeep took four or five bullet holes in the back and a few on its side.

The 34-year-old shooter from Odessa, whom authorities did not identify Sunday, was found dead in his pickup at the end of nearby Byrd Road. He shot himself with the assault rifle, said sheriff’s office spokesman Kevin Doll. Investigators didn’t say where the man shot himself or what type of gun he used.

Shortly before the confrontation with the teens, the man had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend and left home telling her he was going to kill some law-enforcement officers, Doll said.

“It looks like it could have turned out a lot worse than it did,” Doll said.

Asked whether the girlfriend called authorities after her boyfriend left home, Doll declined to answer, saying that information was part of the ongoing investigation.

Investigators do not believe the man and teens knew each other. However, the shooter and Jones both lived in Lake Parker Estates, which is close to where the shooting happened.

“I don’t feel it’s hit me yet – that we actually got shot at,” Sestok said.

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