Man rented out foreclosed homes, police say

February 18th, 2010 by

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL (abcactionnews)– Deputies have arrested a man for illegally possessing foreclosed homes then renting them out to tenants, Pasco County Sheriff Bob White said Wednesday.

Stephen Thomas Bybel of Land O’ Lakes was arrested and charged with scheming to defraud for being in possession of 72 homes and renting them to 31 tenants in Pasco County.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Sheriff White said Bybel would drive around neighborhoods looking for homes that were in foreclosure. When he found a property, he would post a notice on the homes claiming “adverse possession,” and then change the locks and rent the homes out.

Bybel, who does business as Real T Solutions LLC, claimed the practice is legitimate. He also claims that he is “helping the county” by placing tenants in homes that would otherwise be left vacant.

Bybel collected $16,780 in rent as a result.

Investigators are working to identify all the property owners and notify all of the tenants.
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  1. Patty

    What is being done to help the people that have spent all this $$ to stay in the homes? They are being told they have 24 hrs to find a new place. Who do you know can find a place for their family in 24 hrs, pack and move??? I think that this is unreasonable for the family’s that were scammed. They did not ask for this, and had leases that were signed. They have rights to!!

  2. eapnow

    This is exactly why adverse possession (legalized land theft) needs to be abolished. It’s people like Bybel who pervert the law in order to take something for nothing — and then on top of that, scam others for rent money. Incredulous!

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