Man Describes Attack That Left Him Blind

March 25th, 2010 by

A man who survived a beating that left him blind testified that while he cannot point out his attacker, he’ll remember that face for the rest of his life.
“I could see him looking straight at me with a face of pure contempt,” Anthony Blakely said.
Blakely was leaving a Riverside bar where he worked as a DJ on July 5, 2008, when he was attacked. Prosecutors told the jury that during the attack, Blakely’s eyes were gouged out with a sharp object.
Foster Leon was arrested weeks later and accused of aggravated battery. According to police, Blakely was found a few blocks from the Starlite Café suffering life-threatening injuries. The report said both of his eyes were protruding from his face.

“I was trying to protect my face … in hopes that the attack would be over, and be over soon,” Blakely testified. “The last thing I remember is looking at this same person and asking, ‘Why is he beating me?’”

Blakely testified that he met Leon outside the Five Point club and the two went to another bar together, but Leon attacked him later later that night. Blakely said he thinks Leon was angry over a comment made about a girl that he didn’t know was the defendant’s girlfriend.
Leon was arrested in New Orleans by U.S. marshals, returned to Jacksonville and charged with aggravated battery.
Defense attorneys told the jury there is no physical evidence linking Leon to the attack and because Blakely is blind, he cannot point out his attacker.
Prosecutors tried to recreate a timeline of places the two men went together that night, and they called one of Leon’s former cellmates who testified that Leon confessed to him.
“He said, ‘Wouldn’t that suck if this was the last thing you ever see?,’” Alexander Ahlf said. “And he ended that with, ‘And that is the reason why I’m not worried about the victim testifying against me.’”

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