Man Crunch Super Bowl Commercial

February 1st, 2010 by

The latest commercial for, the dating site where many many many men come out to play. This commercial was rejected for the 2010 Super Bowl.

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  1. Frank

    hahahahaha hilarious!!

    people are way too uptight to not allow that… i mean they werent even really kissing anyways… it was a fake-out make-out

  2. cindy


  3. wayne

    I Feel this commercial is in parody, but has a real purpose for the company. This purpose is obviously advertising but the company gears the commercial towards the “mainstream guy” in the funny aspect; this is shows by the guy at the end in the seat by himself. He is obviously surprised. and they give a web address at the end. I don’t like seeing gay men kissing or anything like that but this is funny to me.

  4. Rene Lieurance

    TOO FUNNY, i am very hetro, but find it fn funny. People need to lighten up, I think the only ones who would be offended are the closet homo’s.

  5. Honest John

    This is a set up for a law suit against the Network.

    With the Pussification of America, someone’s going to make money off of it.

    Got a love this Country!

  6. Christina

    People are so uptight!! I really thought they were making out when I heard you guys talk about it on the radio so I thought ok well I understand for parents who might have little kids watching that maybe it would be a bit too much, but this is more of a joke than an actual make out session… they should play it at the super bowl it’s freaking hillarious

  7. Phill

    This would be funny on TV. They are not even kissing!

    The only reason this ad should not be on TV is becasue of the size of the chip bowl. Who has a chip bowl that small at a football party.

  8. Mike

    based on what really happens when Bubba and Brent get together to watch football.

  9. ron mccarthy

    zero point zero …… there’s no way in heaven or hell that was ever intended to be a super bowl commercial

  10. E. S.

    This was a skit on mad tv……… not the actual skit but pretty much the same……funny though, in a creepy way

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