Man arrested for threatening to kill ice cream truck driver… over music

January 4th, 2010 by

CAPE CORAL, Fla. (wink)- The music most kids love to hear apparently pushed one man over the edge.

A Cape Coral man was arrested after police say he threatened to kill an ice cream truck driver… over his music.

It’s not the first time the man has been arrested for losing his temper.

“911, What is your emergency?”

“I just had some guy threaten to shot me.”

Cape Coral Police say an ice cream truck driver had his life threatened… because his music was too loud.

“He threatened me. He ran out to my vehicle and screamed at me.”

“But you didn’t see a weapon?”

“I didn’t see a gun. He threatened to shoot me if I ever came back.”

One neighbor said she saw the entire thing – the suspect running out of his house and down the road. That’s where police say he told the ice cream truck driver he was going to kill him over his music.

“Who called you hear you (expletive); who called you here? Don’t you ever come back here again. I’ll (expletive) shoot you in the head you (expletive).”

Most neighbors aren’t surprised.

“He already did that to the neighbor. When he beeps his horn to say bye to his wife, he gets very mad – annoyed with the horn.”

Kalmar was also arrested in March – accused of sexually assaulting a maid. Police say Kalmar offered the woman 200 dollars for extra services and touched the girls butt and thigh. He agreed to enter a diversion program.

Another neighbor, Pat Cosgrove, was surprised to hear what happened.

“I’ve never had any problems with him. If noises bother him, my dogs oughta bother him and my screaming at the dogs oughta bother him.”

WINK News knocked on Kalmar’s door Thursday. There were two cars in the driveway, but no one answered.

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