Man arrested after Hillsborough deputy fights off pit bulls with Taser, gun

August 7th, 2009 by

TAMPA — Two pit bulls were shot, one with a Taser and the other in the face with a gun, after they were unleashed to attack a sheriff’s deputy during an arrest Tuesday. One of the dogs died.

Hillsborough Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Burton responded to 5502 S 86th St., to investigate noise complaints at the home of Juan David Delvalle, 26, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter. Delvalle open the door and then ran back into the home and returned with a pit bull he held by the collar. He pushed the dog toward the officer, commanding him to attack, Carter said, and Burton shot the dog with a Taser.

Delvalle ran back inside making verbal threats, and another pit bull charged Burton, Carter said. With his Taser already deployed on the first dog, Delvalle used his hand gun to shoot two rounds at the second dog, hitting it in the face, Carter said.

“Once they deploy the Taser, the prongs are already out. He would have to dry stun him by physically touching the dog,” Carter explained.

Delvalle did not own the dogs, said an Animal Services spokeswoman.

Delvalle struggled as Burton tried to arrest him, punching the deputy in the arms and chest, Carter said. Deputy Kenneth Route arrived and stunned Delvalle with a Taser. He was arrested on four counts related to assaulting the officer or opposing arrest and one of violating probation on a former DUI charge.

Delvalle remains in the Hillsborough County Jail in lieu of $13,000 bail.

Hillsborough County Animal Services took the dogs into custody. The one that was shot in the face died, said spokeswoman Marti Ryan. The Tasered dog and third that was at the home were returned to their owner, whose name was not released.

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