Man Accused Of Violently Shaking Baby To Death

June 24th, 2010 by


A Ft. Lauderdale man has been charged with aggravated child abuse after a baby left in his care died from head injuries consistent with the child being shaken violently. The child was taken off of life support Wednesday morning.

On Monday, Ft. Lauderdale police were sent to Ian Arnold’s apartment in the 5900 block of NW 18th Avenue after he called 911 to say that one-year-old Kamarie was not breathing properly and lacked eye movement.

The boy was initially taken to Holy Cross Hospital, but after doctors determined the severity of the child’s injures he was transferred to Broward General Medical Center.

Arnold, 22, voluntarily met with police and reportedly admitted that he “snatched” the child and pulled him away from a computer on Sunday. He also allegedly told detectives that he must have pulled the child too hard.

“He told us on June 20th, he had been on his computer,” Sgt. Frank Sousa told CBS4 News, “That the child approached hit him; he grabbed the child forcefully away from the computer and he said he probably did it a little too hard.”

Arnold apparently never actually admitted to shaking young Kamarie.

When shown pictures of the bruising taken at the hospital, police say Arnold admitted that he was responsible for them. Doctors told police the child had suffered large bruises in the shape of a handprint on each side as well as brain injuries that were consistent with being shaken.

Arnold has been taken into custody and charged with probation violation and aggravated child abuse; additional charges are pending.

Even for veteran police, the thought of that violent shaking that’s alleged to have happened in this apartment is tough to think about.

“As a parent, I can tell you, this, is sad,” Sousa said. “I have young children myself and to imagine someone being able to do something like this is unimaginable.”

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  1. Michael

    Man….There should be a captitol punishment requirment for this horrible crime against a child…It should involve an eye for an eye style death. If you shake a baby to death … should have your head placed in a paint shaker down at the home depot and kicked up to full speed. If you rape child and he or she dies you should be castrated upon a similar death…I am certainly not a violent person…but Ihave two little girls and it makes me ill to rthink this is the society and trash we live among…Thanks Bubba for all you do to get the stories of the victims out there to the public you do a great service to the fallen and you out the sick son of a bitches the wrong the innocent. Keep it up love show! Ned Rules! Michael FT Lauderdale OUT!

  2. J-roc

    Kill him. Shake him violently until hes dead.

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