Man accused of knowingly spreading HIV

February 22nd, 2010 by

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) - A Greenwood man is in jail tonight after police said he put dozens of women in extreme danger. Greenwood Police said 46 year-old Tony Perkins is a walking time bomb. Investigators say he may have knowingly infected about a 100 women with AIDS.

Perkins is in the Johnson County Jail facing a felony charge, including one count of intimidation. Perkins is accused of having unprotected sex with more than a dozen women. That may not be a crime, but police said Perkins committed one after he failed to tell his sexual partners he is also HIV positive.

“He contracted AIDS approximately six years ago and kept having sex with women and not telling them,” said Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher.

Greenwood Police arrested Perkins Friday night at his apartment. Investigators said he met some of his victims online.

“At this time, we have 11 specific names of women that we know he had sexual relations with and it could be as high as a 100,” said Chief Pitcher.

24 Hour News 8 met with the victim who called police.

“I put my life at risk to help others. God spared me and if I can help others to save them to come forth get tested,” she said.

The victim claims she met Perkins in 2008. She also claims she came forward after Perkins made other threats against her life.

“I have multiple text messages that say he’s going to snap until you’re dead; it’s his way,” she said.

According to this probably cause affidavit, the State Health Department informed Perkins of his HIV status in 2004. That same year, he was also told could not donate plasma or any blood product.

In 2008, State Health officials also informed Perkins of his duty to warn. The probable cause also said the State Health Department received numerous complaints of Perkins’ dangerous behavior. Investigators said his victims should have known about first hand.

“The State Law that states that if you do have AIDS, you have to disclose it to any of your sexual partners,” said Chief Joe Pitcher. “He has admitted it and he actually was somewhat remorseful about, but at the same time he blames a woman for giving it to him.”

“This man does not ever need to walk out of Jail. He’s a sex addict,” said a Victim.

Greenwood Police said they will be working with the State Board of Health to track down some of Perkins’ victims. Prosecutors are expected to file formal charges against Perkins next week.

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