Man Accused Of Killing His 2 Dogs

May 6th, 2010 by

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville police said a man confessed to stabbing and killing two dogs, strangling one with a rope and burying the other in his back yard, but the man’s dad said his son is the victim of mental illness.
When 32-year-old Charles Cummins appeared in court Wednesday, his attorneys argued insanity.
“He’s probably more a victim than anything else,” said David Cummins, Charles’ father.
David Cummins said his son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 16 years old. He said he always lived with his father and has been on medication and under the care of a psychiatrist until he moved into another home by himself a few months ago.
“He has always taken care of his dogs,” Cummins’ father said. “He does lose his temper when he’s not on his medication.”
Police said neighbors clued them in to the crime. According to their report, they said Charles Cummins was acting funny. Cummins told them he had to kill his dogs, according to the report, which also states he asked a neighbor for a shovel.
According to the report, when an officer asked if he killed his dog, he had a partial smile and told him one dog was in the pool. He told officers he stabbed and choked the dog because it was barking.
The report also said Charles Cummins used a large sword to stab and choke a second dog because it was defending the first one.
Police said he buried that dog in his yard.
“He was always walking his animals like he really cared for them,” said neighbor Sally O’Quinn, who said she was surprised by the accusations.
Cummins’ father said his son just needs help.
“He needs hospital care and medical attention, which he’s probably not getting,” David Cummins said.
Prosecutors are asking to get a second opinion on Cummins’ condition. He’s in jail on two animal cruelty charges. His next court date is June 9.

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  1. Robert Senseman

    Were they pit bulls? He might have done society a favor.

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  3. rb

    Regardless of what kind of dog it was, if someone has schizophrenia, they could have hallucinated any number of things and lashed out at anything or anyone, without regard to the victim. Just because there are people who think that Awesome Kong did a good thing by sucker-punching Bubba because they don’t like him, does not suddenly justify behavior like that. You don’t get to pick and choose what is right and wrong based on an opinion of the particular victim.

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