Magazine moved after mom complains

August 27th, 2010 by Staff

TAMPA – The newest issue of Rolling Stone is causing quite a controversy right here in Tampa Bay. One mother’s complaint motivated some stores to move the magazine out of plain sight.

The September issue features cast members from “True Blood,” a television show about vampires, and on the magazine cover the actors are covered in blood without a single piece of clothing.

The photograph was meant to get attention, and it certainly has; so much attention that one mother is pushing to keep this issue under wraps.

Jennifer Berrios and her husband did not expect to see the photo of three people without clothes and coated in blood during their back-to-school shopping trip to Barnes & Noble.

“Right near the debit card machine where we were checking out, they had this magazine,” Berrios said.

“It was about three feet off the ground, just eye level for a 4-year-old or a 6-year-old or whatever,” her husband, Richard, added.

The couple snapped photos of what they thought was a truly adult picture and complained to management about it being displayed in plain sight at a store selling children’s books.

They then drove more than 100 miles, scoping out almost every bookstore in Hillsborough County.

The couple’s complaints got a response from Barnes & Noble. The company told FOX 13 that Rolling Stone is one of the top-selling magazines on its newsstand and the latest issue was placed in the same spot where customers find it every month.

The company says they don’t typically review magazine covers before they’re placed, but after the complaint in Brandon, Barnes & Noble moved the magazine out of the reach of children.

FOX 13 showed the cover to several shoppers to hear their thoughts.

Margaret Campbell said the magazine is “just not appropriate at all.”

Most took issue with the magazine’s placement more than the photo.

“Like everybody else I go to the grocery store and see things covered up, so I know that people are concerned with what their kids are seeing,” said Dave March.

“It wasn’t the publication. It’s not the show,” Jennifer Berrios said. “I’m all about freedom. I’m all about amendments, free choice and rights, but when it comes to children safety, there’s a line.”

It’s certainly not the first time Rolling Stone has sparked controversy. In fact, it’s been happening since at least 1981 with the famous intimate shot of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Even so, the magazine sells well and is usually placed in plain sight at stores.

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  1. Jennifer Berrios

    I saw the article about The “Mom: complaining about a publication and prompt retailers to move the magazine on your radio web site.
    Thank you very so much for bringing public awareness to this problem. I would be happy to show my cell phone images. So the public can see how close the adult intended magazine was being sold right next to children books.

    Have a wonderful day :-)
    Thank you again
    Jennifer Berrios (Mom who complained…)

    If I spared one baby/child from seeing this image, then I can sleep better at night!!!!!

    Good luck to the publication! Good luck to the show! my *ONLY* dispute is how it was being displayed for advertisement…solely that..

    Please be advised, on the date of 8/21/10 at 3pm EST, I was buying school supplies at the Brandon Town Center location in Florida, and as I was at the check out counter and I noticed the new “Rolling Stones magazine”
    It was at the front of the check out counter…EYE LEVEL for toddlers to 6 year olds!!!!!!!
    The cover depicts two naked men grabbing a naked woman in an inappropriate manner while they are all covered in blood. What brought a tear to my eye was that there were multiple children in the store, being that it was the weekend before school, and there was children journals for sale directly above the magazine.
    I have nothing against the magazine or the show that was being advertised, but this should not have been displayed for children to see so easily. Adults have all the freedom to do as to their will, but this is not appropriate for children. I will do all within my power to notify as many Parents, State officials, and Journalist until this issue is resolved.
    I drove over 100 miles to view the Barnes and Noble in Hillsborough county ….ALL of the magazines were located right at the check out counter approximately 3 feet off the ground, EYE Level to 2-6 year olds.
    I spoke to every Manager on Duty and everyone seemed embarrassed and complied immediately and took down the magazines and were very polite and respectful.
    How would you like it if your 4-6 year old child picked up this magazine and asked you about the picture?

    For the record, other book stores that I had visited had the magazines either behind the counter (not in view for children) or hidden.

    Jennifer Berrios

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