Mad Meter Maid Throws Tirade at Parking Violators

September 17th, 2010 by Staff

Listen to the interview:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. –(Click here to watch the video) A South Florida meter maid gave a couple of parking violators more than their two quarters worth over the weekend, and now he is out of a job.
On Friday, Barry Shore went on a tirade that would make a certain former Jet Blue flight attendant blush after a woman forgot to pay to park at a meter in Delray Beach.
The woman’s husband, Bill Evans, eventually confronted 68-year-old Shore and that’s when he got a real ear full from the volunteer parking enforcement official.
“Take that and shove it up your (expletive). I could give a (expletive) less, you Pennsylvania Schuylkill woodchuck. I don’t give a (expletive) about the job. A guy like you should be the (expletive) out here. Yeah, I almost lost my temper. You see what that says? Volunteer. You don’t even know what the (expletive) that means,” Shore said.

The tirade was just the finale of a weird episode in which Shore allegedly gave the woman a ticket before she could pay the meter, then took it back, only to start taking pictures and follow her down the beach, the couple said.
That’s when Evans got involved and confronted Shore about the harassment.
Shore also slapped Evans’ hand trying to stop him from filming with his iPhone.
“He basically slapped my face and my phone and called me a woodchuck,” said Evans, who just moved to South Florida from Philadelphia. “I’d really like to know what that means.”
Shore, who is from New York, was actually referring to the Schuylkill River in northeast Pennsylvania. We’re not sure if woodchucks live there, but if they do, our guess is Shore isn’t fond of them.
The volunteer resigned after Delray officials received a complaint from the couple.
The couple’s attorney, Robert Solomon, said the volunteer has a history of being aggressive and confrontational with people who park on the beach.
“This individual has done this before. He knew he was being recorded and he didn’t care,” Solomon said. “My clients were verbally and physically assaulted. This can’t be allowed to happen.”
Shore told local media that he admits he lost his temper, but the couple provoked him.
“He was taunting me. You don’t see that part of the video of him sitting in the car, taunting me,” he said. “I should have walked away, you know, hindsight, but I didn’t walk away. I handed in my resignation.”

Here is Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s bad synopsis:
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24 Responses

  1. mark

    now i really dont like her (megan beggin kelly)

  2. bibi

    I am very disappointed in your coverage of this story i would believe you guys could cut threw the bullsh@t! I grew up in Delray and know the majority of people and how things work down there. I’m there all the time because my parents still live there. This lady was not there for just a few seconds as stated she couldn’t be Ive done the same thing, she probably waited to save a spot for her trainer and didn’t put money in until he got there. Then instead of taking the ticket and bringing it to other authorities her friend challenged the meter guy and they got into it. Wrong thing to do on both parts. Then she moved and put money into it and the meter guy went and took a pic because he knew she would go and state that she got a ticket but had put money in. I know this I’ve done it as a teen! So then the meter attendant who I hear is a fair guy approaches her and offers to take back the ticket. You would think it was over and if she still had a problem at this time she would have gone and complain but no instead her husband goes out of his way to confront the meter maid AND BY his own admission states he got out of his vehicle to confront the meter maid AND only started to video tape after he had his 2 cents (and more) to give the guy. You can clearly see he baited the guy! Both parties where wrong but to pick a side like you guys did pisses me off! I listen to you guys on my work at my fire station and then back home and I have say this is the first time you guys have pissed me off with how one sided you where.

  3. Jose


    Please defend the couple about this ticket issue and sue or do something to this woman (Megyn Kelly) for changing and transforming the story; Megyn’s comments were complety absurd and out of line base on the evidence, I can not imagine what a person that does not speak good english or are able to defend themselves will do in a situation like this without any support even they can show some footage and on top of it a stupid and bad intention reporter like Megyn Kelly twisting the whole story.

  4. E Coats

    The most disturbing issue is Fox’s spin on this. In the larger picture this story means little. If Fox misrepresents a story as this, what about the news that does concern and affect the country. How it polarizes the sheeple with erroneous facts. That is the scary point of this issue, IMO.


    Would you expect anything less from Faux news? I actually don’t fault O’Reilly as he was asking “what if” but apparently Megan Kelly had a different agenda to push on his show.

  6. Erica

    You know I never have listened to this station before but for some reason it was on in my car this morning and I started listening to this story. It is a total outrage. It is ridiculous how Megyn Kelly tore these people apart. Normal people, just because she has some pull in the media doesnt make her any better than anyone else. it just makes her look like a total jackass. This family im sure didnt want to be in the middle of a media hoot, especially over a parking meter. and to this Bibi character who posted before me. Get a life. just because u live in the delray doesnt mean u know everyone. obviously you dont. and who gives a damn if she saved a spot seriously. if she even did. leave these people alone. our wasted tax money pays for these stupid meters, and i dont see this woman being in the wrong what so ever.. i am really glad you guys are offering the help for these people with attorneys after being degraded by people who dont know nothing about a normal life with families, they spend there life degrading people they dont know.

  7. Todd Richards

    Megyn Kelly came across well when she was on Howard Stern’s show in April — but in this video clip she didn’t make a particularly good impression on me.

  8. BiBi

    Bibi, were you there? NO?

    OK you weren’t so shut up!

    Great job Bubba bringing out the truth!

  9. Jon

    I think BIBI is psychotic, deranged, and just plain idiotic! Because you have done moronic things does not mean others have also you stupid bitch. Public officals should not berate the public for any reason whatsoever, however all he did was scream and should not lose his job. Fox news should lose their job simply for lying to the public EVERYDAY (fox news FAIR & BALANCED) A.K.A LIE!

  10. Jason H.

    Stop trying to get on the Bill O’Reilly show Bubba! Stick to strippers and midgets. Your politics suck!

  11. Dave of Boynton

    Thanks for exposeing these volunteers who take their duties way to seriously. Delray parking patrols and the Cit.Patrol in Boynton are mostly elderly people that have nothing better to do and these volunteer gigs make them important. I know exactly why he was taking pictures of her car. This was he can look at it over and over so when he’s working he can make out her car and target her. I have seen it happen all over S.Fl.

    Word to the wise. If you get a parking ticket that ticket is good for 24 hours. They can not ticket your car again. If you move your car then you can get ticketed again. keep that in mind.

  12. ramjet63

    Megan Kelly is hot !

  13. TICA

    Needless to say. I would have definitely gone to complain. She probably called her husband because she felt threatened and didn’t know what to do. He tried to defend her and all he got was an nasty and angry attitude. If you are supposed to be the law, you should behave like it and provide an example for others. I would said this ticket issuer made it all escalate, as FOX put it.

  14. Bill

    What a joke by Fox news and Bill “Oreally”. Patheic, I think Megan Kelly wants to “do” the meter guy.
    On another note, I wouldnt have minded seeing Megan Kelly in just a tank top, maybe she missed her tru calling.

  15. tony

    This is all because Bubba the creep and Charlie Crist are getting handed there ass by the tea-party movement.Oh and speaking of Fox News Bubba how come you don’t mention when Charlie Crist was on Fox News Sunday and he was asked 5 times if he would remain a Republican no matter what.And he Said yes.And then he was asked if he was to far behind in the polls would he remain in the party and not switch,and he said yes.But he lied to the American people and over night became an Independent.That’s real integrity for you? This is what the American people are sick of,phony Politicians like Crist.So Fox News proofed what a liar he is and that’s why you have a bug up your fat ass.It’s a shame your side kicks don’t have the balls to challenge you on issue’s ,instead there just go along for the pay check.And then try to act like REAL men.

  16. Jen

    Some of you obviously don’t know all of both sides of this story. This meter guy was wrong and out of line. The women’s husband didn’t go to find this guy for an argument, he went to make sure the ticket was ripped up because they didn’t want to worry about getting a ticket in the mail down the road. Then the meter guy exploded on the husband like an idiot. The husband only wanted to film they guy tearing up the ticket. Nothing more. But once the meter guy started screaming he had it on tape, luckily. but that wasn’t his intentions. This man and women seem like good, nice people. Get all the story before you make assumptions. Meghan Kelley is just wrong too. I can’t believe her attitude on this.

  17. JDH

    Megyn Kelly’s a ******* bitch. This is why I don’t watch Fox News. I love to see Nancy Grace put this bitch in her place.

  18. TamOk

    BiBi, did you not hear the interview Bubba did with couple? They don’t seem like the kind of people that would over react to the point that somone (in authority) would have the right to curse at them or lie about plugging a meter to avoid a ticket (although YOU have already said you are that kind of person…).

    BARRY on the other hand, DOES appear to be the kind of person that would fly off the handle (did you see the video?). Did you not hear that a neutral third party called the authorities for additional assistance on the way he was acting to the wife? Clearly he has anger issues.

    While Bubba clearly was on the side of the couple, he, unlike FOX had the facts to back it up…

  19. Pennsylvania Schuylkill Woodchuck


    Megan is right…The husband and wife are the modern day Bonnie and Clydes of parking meter theft. Thats what you should expect to happen if you don’t pay the meter within 30 seconds. I have told all of my friends and family that if you rob a bank you go to jail and if you don’t pay parking meters within 30 seconds you will get a fat lip.

    What ever happened to “tie” goes to the runner. This volunteer meter maid should be a volunteer border guard. Think how much more valuable he would be guarding our borders as opposed to a parking meter.

    Bubba, we consider Megan Kelly’s comments a personal insult to all law abiding and meter paying Killchucks!

    Pennsylvania Schuylkill Woodchuck Society

  20. D

    Hey Bibi….Do you have a HS education? You’re grammar and punctuation and just you’re thoughts are terrible. Just because you know people down there doesnt mean you know what happened. Get hooked on phonix and then come back to us educated people. Just saying D.

  21. ron mccarthy

    what a bunch of idiots ….. this town NEEDS an ENIMA

  22. KrazzyTrukker

    Hey BiBi, Douche…!!! yu really think this Meter Nazi is stable….? Are yu that easily “baited”

    Hey Meter Nazi.!! ( Barry, now this volunteer **** is an idiot ), put the ticket on the windshield, shut thee **** up and walk away.

    Kindness guru love cures all freak lady take your ticket pay it and shut thee **** up…. “problem solved.”

    The real problem is a HUGE news network spin doctor and sidekick totally destroying these two people for no reason other than slow news night and ratings….? If FOX slandered & defamed me like that…. FOX would be payin for my re-location and vay-k 4 life..!! This Media, make it up as you go shizz , has got to stop…!!!

  23. tony

    Fox is truth in Media,anyone who can’t see that is naive.

  24. Jake

    Everyone who is just saying that the meter maid is wrong is stupid. You cant see one side of the story and say thats that. The meter maid even said he was being taunted by the man in the car. Thats why he flew off the handle, even when he went out of his way to follow her to TRY to help her because the ticket was unfair. Also they are required to take pictures of the tickets they give so that was completely justified. Learn the law before you say something stupid.

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