Macho Man Saved Us All

May 23rd, 2011 by Staff

There was no rapture. Harold Camping hasn’t made a statement about his second inaccurate prediction. Which begs the question: Did “Macho Man” die to save us all?

Did five elbow drops from the top rope finally put down the apocalypse? We would like to think so.

Maybe his death was the rapture. Maybe his death prevented the rapture. I don’t want to play this like he was some kind of martyr, But we can’t help to think that on May 20, his death saved us all.

We all know you’re doing elbow drops in the big ring in the sky, with your beloved Miss Elizabeth and Sensational Sherri by your side, and Jesus as your opponent.

4 Responses

  1. steve

    Ah Love it!!!! one day I will be funny too. I dream of TV made by a farm animal

  2. Bryler

    Harold Camping is changing his story again.

  3. bfudd

    I think Manson need to make a song about Randy Macho Man
    with all loard and saveing!!!!

  4. Steve Lindell

    Yeah now he is saying that its going to be october 21st come on man can you say scam artist and crook for. You are right on the money maybe we need to come up with a scam and get 100 million dollars some people are just fucking idiots.

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