Linda Hogan, 50, engaged to 21-year-old boyfriend

July 27th, 2010 by Staff

Source: — Linda Hogan engaged to 21-year-old boyfriend

We really don’t know if we can claim Linda Hogan as a Tampa Bay semilebrity any more, but we can claim being gobsmacked at the news the 50-year-old’s apparently engaged to 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill. The National Enquirer says the pair plan to get hitched next summer on her new 50-foot boat, which she paid for with last July’s settlement cash from ex-husband Hulk Hogan and promptly named Alimoney. No, that’s not a typo. “The happier Linda gets with Charlie, the unhappier Hulk gets,” a source tells the tabloid. Of course he’s unhappy; he wanted to be the one to remarry younger, since the 56-year-old Terry Bollea is engaged to his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, who is 36. We have no idea if the Enquirer is right or wrong, but it’s not surprising. These are the kinds of trashy soap operas that come out of a multimillion-dollar agreement (the full amount has remained undisclosed).

Murphy-Monjack rumor is just fungus

After Simon Monjack’s autopsy revealed he died of the same thing his wife Brittany Murphy did — pneumonia and anemia — you knew the conspiracy theories would come out. One such idea was that a deadly black mold in their house did them in, but Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy wants you to know that report’s absurd. “I have never been personally asked by the coroner or anyone from the Health Department to come and inspect my home for mold,” Sharon told People. “In the last eight months, I have been through the most unimaginable events, which no one could ever fathom. I have and will continue to be very cooperative and fully comply with any such request. … It’s absurd that this kind of misinformation is being reported by the media.”

Was that Lohan bawling in jail?

In case you were at all wondering about Lindsay Lohan’s time in jail, convicted burglar of the stars Alexis Neiers tells E! all about it. We’re sure it has nothing to do with Alexis being on the network’s Pretty Wild, oh, no. Neiers just last Friday finished a 30-day sentence for breaking into Orlando Bloom’s home, but she said she saw a bit of Lohan when the actress showed up at Century Regional Correctional Facility last Tuesday: “Crying. She was crying. I could hear her,” Alexis told the network. The first day was apparently the toughest. “From what I saw the first day, I mean, she was lying in there and just trying to like calm down,” Neiers said, pointing out that since both she and Lindsay were in protective custody, they didn’t meet each other.

2 Responses

  1. PedalToTheMetal

    I take 17 months, lets get a pool going?!?

  2. Andy McElroy

    Is it true love? Yes it is with the millions of dollars she duped the Hulkster for. We will see how long he stays when she runs through the cash and he is left with that nasty gold digging bitch. I feel sorry for Charlie, is doing that worth the millions? Maybe once, but I don’t know about over and over again. The episode of Hogan knows best that showed her without makeup was very disturbing to watch, that’s all I am saying. Spend it while she has it Charlie. As Bubba says everyone makes their own deal.

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