Linda Bollea accused of misspending alimony

June 16th, 2009 by

ABC Action News

CLEARWATER, FL – The court battle between Linda Bollea and Hulk Hogan is heating up. The couple was in a Pinellas County courtroom Monday.

The topic of Monday’s hearing was the way that Linda Bollea is spending the $40,000 in alimony that she receives every month. Hogan thinks the amount is too much and that she is not spending it wisely.

She doesn’t agree.

Tracy Morgan, the couple’s hair stylist and a Hullk Hogan witness, testified at the hearing.

“The client does a lot of drugs and is an alcoholic. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her daughter, with her son, and she’s wasting a fortune,” Morgan said of Linda Bollea.

Hulk Hogan stood ground with his girlfriend at his side, while Linda Bollea found comfort in her boyfriend.

Outside, Linda’s attorney refuted the allegations. “We absolutely deny this. When you have someone like Tracy come forward, it’s unfortunate. Linda never did trust her.”

After four witnesses and two hours of heated testimony, the judge said enough.

Judge George Greer has scheduled the hearing to resume in July. No resolution was made Monday.

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  1. Greg


  2. eddie buchanan

    check out mythbusters season 1 ep 3 drug urine tests are bullshit there are all kinds of things that cause false postives

  3. Dominick

    I think it’s a disgrace when a man puts his body on the line for over 30 years so he could provide for his family and now has to go through this. Linda is just like those parasites you were talking about the other day. She wants him so she can live off his money. I would rather have the intestinal parasite rather than Linda. At least you can shit out the parasite. Linda is a piece of shit that won’t go away.

  4. who cares

    hulk just remember one thing what comes around goes around an every dog has his day . yours is coming, on that day you can just laugh in her face. keep it cool hulk play it straight it will turn around . one more thing (theres no love in divorce) bring the ball to the court an play hard ball dont give her an inch she will take a mile .

  5. Lou

    It’s sad this be-otch can’t see the forest for the trees..why waste a fortune this man built for his kids. Quit paying the lawyers and settle before all the $$$ is gone and you’re left with nothing! Blonde and big boobs = IDIOT!! GO HULK!

  6. Jose

    What a WHORE!! 40g’s??? i guess its expensive hiring clowns to apply all that make up. Looks like Shiz.

  7. Jeremy

    I should sue linda and give the money back to hulk….

  8. MizATT

    Hang in there Hulk. This crazy fog horn will get hers. Toot Toot. Paranoia and insanity are symptoms of sniffilis.

  9. Sheila

    I think she is Nasty you can tell just by looking at her she is a coke whore and look at her gut that is from being a drunk and smoking weed then eating everything she can get her fat fingers on she is freakin Ugly She doesnt deserve crap and that punk driving hulks stuff like he owns it what a fag…..I cant stand Linda Skank and her Boy Toy

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