Lightning Strikes Brents House

August 21st, 2009 by

Lightning Strikes Brent’s House Thursday and here is a photo of the damage.

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  1. Larry Mendez

    What is it? Is it in the pool?

  2. sheri

    sorry about your luck. thank (god) your house didn’t go up in flames. after you’ve and Amanda went to bed. We would miss very much.REALLY. Sheri edmonton Alberta

  3. mike white

    Brent makes good money right? Why does this picture look as if Mr. Hatley, lives in a bunglo with ten mexicans in Mexico, City. Come on Hatley step your game up!!!!!!!

  4. Steve

    Who did the bad paint job? (nice over brush!)

  5. Colleen

    Maybe it’s a sign that he should paint over those horrible colors…When repairing the damge he should take the hint.

  6. assmonkey

    nice paint!

  7. fartknocker

    BrentBrentBrentBrent Brent Brent Brent BrentBrentBrent

  8. Donny

    Cheap ass, I bet that stays like that for 3 years before he fixes it,and then i bet he just paints over the hole.

  9. Joel

    At least everyone is ok, But dude that paint job is getto!

  10. The Masked Blogger

    Yeah, I have to agree that the bolt of lightning is more appeasing to the eye compared to that shizzy paint job.

  11. Mark

    Damn that suck’s… to bad all the haters gota screw with you about it.

  12. jason Pdx

    EVERY BODY IS A CRIDICK, Brent I am glad that you and Amanda are OK. We love you in Portland Oregon

  13. Nedsnutsack

    This house was built in the 50′s or early 60′s, I’m glad that is all that happened. Could you imagine if you had a new house with 3/8″ plywood and 1/2″ drywall above you. Everybody can —- off about your house, you have full 1″ board on the roof and the ceiling, 3/4″ mesh and plaster. Fix er up and enjoy every body else getting blown away next hurricane.

  14. Brian

    Hey Brent,

    You should ask Howard to send both Gary the Retard, and Wendy the Retard down to paint that room over for you!!! I bet those two f**king retards could paint that wall a little better than you did!!! Seriously, I’m glad you both are ok!!

  15. jim

    Good things happen to good people.And its agood thing no one got hurt. Large mouth trout from Toronto Canada. Always Markin out. Love the show and cant wait till you guys get up here

  16. Julio C

    God did it Brent !
    Haaaa !

  17. jose

    brent brent brent, lol hey long time listener 2 the show, i work for a lightning protection company in orlando,(maxwell lightning protection of fla) one of the best ones outhere so if u want to put a lightning protection system in your house give them a call @ 407-827-6328

    p.s lightning DO strike twice on the same spot. ttyl

  18. Jason

    Apparently lightning is attracted to purple paint. You might want to ask your vagina if you can paint a different color before someone gets hurt.

  19. Woodcock

    I applaude Brent for the creative ” Lightning Strike” story. However, as an avid bong user this damage appears to be a bong overload that resulted in a cherry hitting the carpet resulting in a smoldering of some hard wood floor. But creative indeed Brent.

  20. Steamy Load

    I once busted a nut so violently that it made a hole in my roof just like that.

  21. kyle assaley

    purple walls ???? and “baby blue” what a combo hay brent it’s 2009 fix your house and re paint the 1970′s paint get the led out of your walls “POWER PIG” BUBBA ARMY BUBBA ARMY BUBBA ARMY we love you guys in a non fag way gota bust ball dont take it to heart

  22. Lightning Bolt

    dam looks like bret tryed to smoke some weed in a bowl!! if it hit him in the head he would have a head full of hair.

  23. Chris

    I definately would have needed a change of pants. I’m glad you are ok Brent.

  24. Jared

    These are good points. What say you Brent Hatley?

  25. George Wight

    Dam Brent just cant catch a break. a bunglo with ten mexicans thats sum funny shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. Kenny G

    I have to agree, that is a horrible paint job, and the other thing I want to say is why cant people like Sheri learn how to speak english.

  27. Russ

    Brent lives in a bunker

  28. Will Morgan

    Come on everyone! How can brent get ahead if Bubba takes half of every deal? Bubba probably recommended the insurance company. So how many points will Bubba get on the insurance deal?

  29. puddy

    hey dude thats a metal reinforcing product(corner-ite) in that pic , it should be in every inner 90′corner of your house , effectivly making a large loosly made steel grid that we all know lightning would love to travel down (chasing ground),, good luck
    ps MAKE SURE THE person repairs that hole with a cement/ plaster repair product !! not DRYWALL MUD(COMPOUND)!!, OR ELSE YOU’LL HAVE PROBLEMS FOREVER ESPESCIALLY IN THE BATHROOM LIKE THIS
    CEMENT / PLASTER is not water soluable and mud is ( the drywall mud/ compound ) type, will swell with humidity then shrink and crack when it dries .
    contact me if any questions FTE

  30. kerry

    do not fix it. looks cool and a real good story to go with it. devildog sempre fi

  31. puddy's an idiot

    hey puddy, get a life

  32. Sirius Only

    Bubba’s always asking for money from the listeners, i’d actually donate to Brent for paint or something. Bubba do you actually pay your #2 guy? My god (sorry Brent)Bubba is like Sadam in his many palaces and the rest are peasants!!!

  33. Bob

    Brent, maybe this will warn you that God really exists and He just gave you a warning. Maybe the next one will go straight through your head.



  35. puddy's a loser

    little to much much “do it yourself t.v” …loser

  36. there is no god

    That was devil trying to take your hot ass wife.

  37. Jason

    Section 8 housing. Nice govt paint. God ur white trash.

  38. bert

    sory about your lucck brent does everybody halfto pick your house and life apart.I bet 90% of these assholes are over the ftes i drive logging truck and most of these fat slobes cant and should not drive so F off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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