Law could send YouTube lip-synch artists behind bars

June 10th, 2011 by Staff

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — They’re stars of YouTube. Performing for millions.

A 16-year-old Illinois boy with a rare disease was a regular high school kid until he posted a You Tube video of him lip synching to Katy Perry’s Teenage dream.

Now Keenan Cahill is cashing in, known as America’s most famous lip syncer. But now these webcam wonders could be locked up for lip synching.

Law makers are pushing a bill that would make it illegal for performers like Cahill to use someone elses work.

“Anytime you take an artists work and reproduce it, make changes or perform the music with lip synching making it your own. You’re doing it without that artists permission,” says Richard Vermut.

Vermut is a Copyright attorney in Jacksonville. He says if the bill becomes law it will change the way people perform on the Internet.

Lawmakers say it closes loopholes in current copyright infringement laws.

“It’s premature because one of the components to this new law is that the person who is making this video available has to be doing it for the commercial gain or financial benefit,” he added.

Critics say its going to be hard for the government to keep up with violators. YouTube users say they think the government should just back down.

“They just having a good time that’s all,” says YouTube-user, Sean Royal.

“It’s not taking away from them. They’re obviously not as good as the artist,” added Kimberly Rowe.

But, if lawmakers have their way the lip-synch sensations will be labeled with new name–lawbreakers.
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2 Responses

  1. Mastec

    That’s a bunch of crap. In Keenan’s case the artists totally support him otherwise would they join him in his videos or invite him to remote locations to to make a video. I think the government is on this because they don’t get a piece of the pie. With all the hungry and homeless people in the country they want to worry about lip-syncers?

  2. mark clark

    really really this bonehead lawyer is just trying to get his time in the spotlight to make a mane for himself or to make him relevant. if this law passes does that mean we cant sing along to a song while riding in our cars or while at home listening to a cd on the cd player? get real people there are far more worse things in this country to worry about than someone lip synching to some artists song. truthfully i think some of these artists should be happy because today its all basically one hit wonders so the whole you tube thing is actually keeping them relevant in my opinion. this lawyer needs to get a life and stop trying to make a buck of the low man on the totum pole. we should sue this lawyer fro being ignorant.

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