Larry King shot and killed

May 14th, 2010 by

Randi Kaye
CNN AC360° Correspondent

As if junior high isn’t hard enough.. when a boy goes to school dressed as a girl you can only imagine the reaction.

That was the case for 15-year-old Larry King, an 8th-grader at E.O. Green Junior High School just north of Malibu California.

Larry was openly gay. He came out at just 10 years old, and friends say he was proud of who he was. He liked dressing up so he wore jewelry and makeup to school, and along with the school uniform, most days he wore his high heeled boots.

Larry lived in a group home called Casa Pacifica. His biological mother was a drug addict. His father had left them. Larry had been adopted but the family struggled with his behavior so he moved to the group home. He had been there just a few months when he started dressing like a girl, workers told CNN.

Larry ran into a lot of trouble at school because he was gay and because of how he dressed. Friends say he was teased constantly, and bullied in nearly every class. Some stood up for him but nothing changed. Until February 12, 2008. Larry was in English class when suddenly police say a boy seated behind him pulled out a gun he’d managed to bring inside school and shot Larry in the back of the head. He was rushed to hospital but pronounced brain dead the next day. He was kept on a ventilator for two days so his organs could be donated.

The boy accused of murdering him, Brandon McInerney, was picked up by police just blocks from school after someone called 911. He says he’s not guilty, but he’s been charged with first degree murder and a hate crime. He could get more than 50 years in prison. McInerney is being tried as an adult even though he turned 14 just weeks before the shooting. The trial is set for July.

If McInerney did shoot and kill Larry King…what might have driven him to do it?

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  1. drumminjoe

    This is just a shame, I dont even remember hearing it on the local Los Angeles news cast!! F**KIN BULLSHIZ!!!!!!!

  2. KiKi

    I live in the area that you are talking about and I remember vividly this very case. It was a tragedy all around, the crime could have been detoured, the crime could have been stopped, but there is something in our school systems that is just killing America as a whole.

    Your question “…what might hav driven him to do it?” can be answered. Brandon McInerney was having a problem with Larry King. You see, Larry would touch Brandon, Larry would tease Brandon, Larry told many people at school that they had sex together and he told many that Brandon was gay. Brandon asked him to stop, but Larry got a kick out of it…HE enjoyed rediculing Brandon and making him look a fool. Brandon went to the school administrators and told them that Larry was acting inappropriately and he also asked them to tell Larry to stop. However, the school told Brandon that Larry had every right to dress the way he did and act the way he did because everyone in the school had the right to be who they were. Brandon told his parents and anyone he could that Larry would not stop teasing and touching him. His parents went to the school, but the school told Brandon’s parent that they could not discriminate against Larry because he was gay.

    So, after several attempts to get help for a problem that could have easily been handeled, Brandon was pushed to the point of no turning back. THis information you will not find in your reporting because the City, the School District and even the Newspapers have hidden it well. How do I know? Because when this first happened they reported both sides of the story. Since it received National attention and was labled a HATE crime, well, let’s just say that only those who live close know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    It is all very sad, but the saddest part of all is the lack of concern from the School. ANd my biggest question is this…if there was a uniform then why did they let Larry deviate from it? A uniform is a uniform and if it is a rule at the school then perhaps we sould go back to following rules.

  3. FCTE

    This story is really sad. Kids struggle with alot of things at this age. I can only imagine what this poor kid had to deal with. He had all the struggles of just being a 15 year old plus being ridiculed for being gay. I think he died a sensless death. Gay or not, he was still a person. Who knows, this kids could’ve made a difference in this country one day. Given the chance, he might have been something great. Its a horrible world we live people.

  4. Jimmy from PA


  5. Mark

    Damn: i was hoping it was the other Larry King from CNN.
    danm it any ways!!!

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