Lake Bacteria Eating Boy Alive

June 29th, 2009 by
Matthew McKinney a 14 year old is in intensive care at the UNC Childrens Hospital. The doctors are trying their level best to save this boy from dying, due to the infections caused by Lake Bacteria.

It’s believed he had a cut, and probably picked it up through there. However, his father said his son didn’t have any cut.

It’s a common bacteria found in the sand and mud of the lakes across the state.

Usually this kind of bacterium doesn’t affect us, but they are literally eating away Matthew McKinney. His father says, part of Matthew McKinney’s nose, part of the pallet of his mouth and five teeth are all gone.

We hope the doctors will be able to save and cure this boy.

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  1. Common Sense

    That settles it. I’m keeping my fat ass planted right here in the city. If I ever have a desire to look at nature I’ll watch a Grizzly Adams rerun.

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