Kim the “Jacksonville Tattoo Chick”

November 16th, 2010 by Staff

Kim the “Jacksonville Tattoo Chick” called the show defending her tattoos as “loyal fan expression” and even went as far as to say she and Bubba were in the same boat weight and looks wise. Do you think that the “205 pound” Kim could stand up to football fullback drills against Bubba?

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  1. Chris

    Would love to see Bubba knock that beats on her ass.

  2. strall

    eww im with spice i dont think thats a girl

  3. Dan the Steel Man

    There is no way this beast could hold her own agianst even Tuttle…now that would be classic.. Let alone Bubba.. then agian she might layout Tuttle..either way it would be classic. Would love to see it!

  4. Ishbu

    205 pounds? Did she just weigh herself from the waist up or something? Bubba ALL DAY!

  5. Shawnda

    LOL 205, Seriously? Im a fat @ss and Im positive “he’s” bigger than 205. U should challenge him to a WEIGH OFF and confirm his weight first …. That way you know the odds of a heart attack when u over work his big @ss !!! Ps the JACKSONVILLE JAGS ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THEIR NEW MASCOT …. KIMBO the WATER BUFFALO !

  6. andy


  7. Moe..

    Great Material early this morning. She is a BEAST! I guess doing that nasty tattoo on her arm makes her more of a mark and my I mention that gimmick is her “Male form or way of Peacocking” from the rest of the Herd!! Keep up the great work.

    From Lehigh Acres, FL.

  8. bababooey

    i dont know if you should bubba. she might drill ya.what a beast,fat lard ass. water buffalo. how big do you think her snatch is? does she use a towel for a tampon?

  9. Crosseye

    Id hit that !!

  10. Roadmagnet

    I thought goatse (google search, safe search off, you’ve been warned) was disgusting. That is just sick. I bet the whole trailer leans over when she stands up.

  11. izzy

    this bitch is crazy she dont weight no 205 pounds more like 305 this shows you what a trailer trash almost 30 year ald student does with there free time i would like to know what school would accept this beast you could feed half of africa with those arms shes probably living of wellfare and sells here food stapms to get money for tats thats probably what she studies full time how can she take advantage of the goverment. hey maybe shes a dike sure as hell looks like one.

  12. E Money Stak$$$

    Looks like Bubba is pouting. Very gay.

  13. john

    the look very white trash

  14. MrRob51

    I think she would be a great participent for Bubba Saw II…Damn!! She never SHUT UP!!

  15. BDB

    Your a fat fk Bubba and you are a piece of shit for how you talked to that woman. I hope she knocks your fat white trailer trash chicken dip eating ass out. I hope you choke on a hot dog and you wouldn’t have that fine ass wife if you weren’t rich. You cock sucker!

  16. A.J.

    Bubba you fat pussy, you quick to jump up and try to fight a Broad. Just cause she’s big she still a woman. Your fatass is white trash because you want to beat up a chick. You fat loser Homo. KILL YOURSELF

  17. Jon

    Dude- I am a 162 pound man and I would kick the crap out of that chick….she is a chick!!! Just a fat chick that sounds like a dude! Bubba would kill that thing.

    Word of advice, when you are an overweight chick, don’t tattoo your arms and don’t TRY and draw attention to yourself. Very few chicks can pull off tattoos on the arms, but it can be hot, she is NOT one of those chicks.

  18. Scitrick

    If they were all buubba army tats he’d put her over

  19. sysco guy

    that segment was a work all the way. thats actually bubbas sister. google it

  20. telcoguru

    That’s a man bubba. Kick his ass.

  21. Greg

    thats a biiiiiig biiiiiiiitch!! id f her

  22. MikeB

    That dude is just looking for a few minutes of fame. Anything the BTLS does with her is just making her 15 minutes last that much longer. Don’t waste your time with that trailer trash. Apparently she should spend more time studying (30yr old college student) and less time and money on gimmick tattoos.

  23. B. Miller

    That’s a whole lotta woman. . . .

  24. VitoThomaselli

    I love when Bubba calls females block rockin bitches….hahahahaha, what a beast, her arms look infected

  25. kyle

    haha no homo but bubbas a better looking person by far than than this wilder beast

  26. Rick

    Seriously? 205 what his one bicep. come on he’s all bark and no bite!! don’t waste your time.

  27. Cabbage

    THAT IS ONE UGLY biatch.. Bubba would kill her but I bet she has a bigger dick than Bubba..LOL

  28. Camille Grayson

    Ok if she weighs 205lbs then I weigh 180lbs. I just weighed myself and I weigh 234ldbs and my arms are still way thinner than hers.

  29. Camille Grayson

    Only because of her age MAYBE she could stand up to Bubba.

  30. steve

    I dont think she could stand up to Bubba. I dont think he should put her to that test. Even though shes a big girl, she’s still a girl. I wouldn’t want to see her get hurt.

  31. Biscuit

    Nevermind the size of that ol nasty what is worse is that terrible drawing that she is calling a tattoo….or maybe ummm wait I could be wrong it may have been nice at first before she became stay-puff the marshmellow’s sister…..yea yea thats it

  32. stew

    Im not 100% sure but i think that couple lives in lot 125 in our trailer park. Now thats funny i dont care who u are.Bubba that dude is going to kick your ass. hut hut hike get him bubba.

  33. Palmer

    not cool, to try and big dick a chick. even if she is a giant sasquatch

  34. Richard Cole

    There is no way she is just 208 lbs.She looks closer to 300. My wife said she looks like a diesel dike!

  35. Marc P

    Yeah, she is probably 205. I love how the shirt hugs her rock hard abs! Yummy! lol

  36. ezryder14

    205 lbs really? What about when her gravy legs step on the scale? What a Water Buffalo just like Bubba said. What a lumper!!!

  37. edub

    but hey at least shes got 15 ugly friends that look just like her to back her. Jags suck anyway..find a REAL football team!

  38. Timmerman

    Does she really claim 205? Please have weigh in!

  39. mp

    Bubba, you continue to be the biggest pussy on radio. Wow, you’re so tough challenging a woman to a fight. I’ve yet to hear you challenge the many male callers that call to rip you to a fight…pussy.

  40. Shawnda

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention … Do you see the layers of rolls that have formed lines horizontially through her midriff? Everytime her fat ass sits she has a plethera of blubber …. Better described of floatation devices .1…2…3… !!! NASTY

  41. your momma

    all of yall are going to hell….and bubba cant talk,hes a fat bastard himself,,and i gurantee she will whip all yalls ass

  42. Ned

    I think fatboy is gonna get beat up by another girl!

  43. shawn

    come BUBBA is going beat that dudes ass!

    GO NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. tony

    they look like they been born to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Zom-B-Klr

    That chick is way over 205. Nasty pig. Bubba’s lookin lighter.

  46. WES

    yea they do look alike the only diffrance is bubba is sposta look like a man

  47. Meds bizall

    Damn bitch is thick I think 25cent would her to ally his type

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