July 4th Celebration

July 2nd, 2009 by

Celebrate the 4th with a human sacrifice of Tom the Treeman. If you enjoyed hearing the crazy atmosphere of this stunt then you’ll defiantly appreciate the photos!Join Bubba Raw for $1 and see the entire gallery of photos!


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  1. Jeff

    did Tom the tree man get hurt in this stunt?

  2. david

    the way they were acting i though they killed him…..anyways the sound kicked ass

  3. shayne

    well it sounded good but did not get to hear the end of the broadcast. it just kept playing songs and never went back

  4. kyle


  5. Aric (199 crew)

    that sounded fucking awesome…..RADIO PLATINUM….Is Tom ok? Did the suit work? Is he deaf now? The whole snake bit was right on point and hilarious…

  6. road

    oh shiizzz with a z is tom ok that was amazin. peace happy 4th of july to you all be safe peace road

  7. Jake Benecasa

    Is Tom the Tree Man ok? cus i know you guys cut to commercial and never came back. I just hope you guys aint gonna catch heat for this.

  8. Federico

    The audio was insane!!!!!!! I dont know about everybody else but down here in ft. lauderdale it went straight to 98rock which sucked ass. Com’on Bubba you cant cut us short like that. You should at least go on til 10:30 tomorrow. Tom da Tree Man your a “G” homey

  9. Stardust

    RADIO Goldd that sounded awesome. I hope Tom is ok. I cant wait to find out what happen. Happy Independance Day everyone. Stardust The One To Trust

  10. Bubba

    Yes, he’s OK. Remember people that radio is theater of the mind!

  11. Dick Hangslow

    radio awesomeness! Why does it take so long for them to put the video on bubba raw? It should have been up there by now! TTT you are great, I cant wait until new years or next 4th of july to blow him up again!!!

  12. doomsdayjesus

    Nomex fire suit will protect you if an IRL car blows up while you’re driving it….I’m sure Tom is fine….theater of the mind friends.

  13. Brandon(cape coral,fl)

    What happen yesterday with the show? I was listening in my truck on 96krock in ft.myers and it went to commercial and came back to music.

  14. work detector

    it was a total work, but sounded awesome. i gotta see the video for this!

  15. Steamy Load

    i think it was not real and they ended the show this way on purpose. testicle radio F####NG SUCKS. GET BACK TO SIRIUS!!!!!

  16. punxyphil

    great show tom the treeman is nuts. the seer of seers P.P.

  17. just pretty

    learn how to work!!!!!!! what a good show… brn..nice

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  19. JackShots

    Wowww!! Is tom the man or just f-ing stupid! What a great show.

  20. heathers big tits

    tom is nuts testicle radio sucks

  21. heh..

    What a zoo crew stunt..

  22. Colleen

    Bubba you are such a teaser!!!I’m glad that Tom is okay.

  23. Greg


  24. Joe

    You left us with a Alfred Hitchcock ending,and we cant wait to find out what happened when you guys get back from vacation,Love the show and the bit was kick ass and the cliff hanger ending was great.Hope Toms ok.

  25. larry

    way to work. especialy before vacation. always leave ‘em wanting more. NICE!

  26. larry

    by the way, greg you’re a dipshit. watch the video ass hole, or do you waste all your welfare money on pbs, gpc smokes, meth, and rent on your double wide. GET BUBBA RAW!

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