Judge: Radio Host’s Arrest Before Sex Trial ‘Sucker Punch’

October 19th, 2009 by

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – WESH.com — An Ormond Beach radio talk host accused of sex crimes in July faces more sex crimes charges as more teenagers come forward.

Arrested in July for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old boy, F. Douglas Wilhite is facing 15 more criminal charges after new details emerged from several additional teenagers who got drawn into Wilhite’s life of nudity, sex, alcohol and pornography, said authorities.

At Wilhite’s first appearance on Friday, Judge John Doyle found that the state’s release of the new arrest warrants on Thursday when Wilhite is due to go on trial for the July charges on Monday was a “sucker punch” to the defense.

Defense Attorney David Damore said the State’s Attorney’s Office has been sitting on new criminal complaints against Wilhite for months and said they suddenly served warrants on Wilhite to deprive him of time to prepare for an upcoming trial.

“It’s now win at all costs,” he said. “Very vengeful, very vindictive … it’s a kind of a new flavor that we’re seeing. They will stop at nothing to get a conviction.”

Prosecutors said they were talking to victims and the arrest was more urgent after they received a tip that Wilhite was preparing his boat to skip town.

Volusia County sheriff’s investigators took Wilhite into custody Thursday night after a judge ordered him jailed on more than $1.5 million bond. The new charges came after investigators interviewed seven additional victims.

The sheriff’s office initially arrested Wilhite on July 10 on charges of allegedly plying a 16-year-old boy with beer, wine and vodka and then having sex with him about a dozen times between February and May. The teenager had been living with Wilhite and his wife at the time at the couple’s home at 6 Walnut Court, near Ormond Beach.

None of the seven new victims, a mixture of boys and girls between the ages of 14 to 16, reported having sex with Wilhite. However, all told stories of Wilhite allegedly parading naked around the house, offering them alcohol, showing them pornographic movies and encouraging them to have sex in front of him so he could watch, police said. Five of the seven new victims acknowledged getting naked in front of Wilhite, at the defendant’s insistence, said the Volusia County Sheriff’s report.

According to the investigation, many said playing billiards in the nude was a common occurrence at Wilhite’s house. Others said the Wilhite, 56, told them it was a house rule that they couldn’t use his workout room unless they took their clothes off, according to authorities.

Two of the victims said they had sex in front of Wilhite after he allegedly asked them to.

One of the girls said Wilhite would masturbate while watching her and another boy have sex inside the house. Other times, she and the boy would have sex in the back seat of Wilhite’s car while Wilhite drove and watched, including one encounter while on their way to church, according to details in the report.

Two other girls said that, on occasion, they had sex with a teenage boy inside a bedroom and they thought the liaisons were private and they later learned that Wilhite was watching. One of them said she noticed Wilhite peering through a bedroom window and masturbating.

Two of the girls told investigators that Wilhite had grabbed their naked behinds, and one of the two also said that he had rubbed his penis up against her.

Wilhite was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach. Officials said he refused to dress when he was arrested at his home and was taken to jail in a blanket.

Wilhite was to be released from jail on his initial bond, but that didn’t happen. Wilhite must pay $10,000 and find a new bondsman to be released.

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