Judge Beats Disabled Daughter on Video

November 3rd, 2011 by Staff

www.gawker.com – Here’s a video, recently uploaded to YouTube, showing a man whip his disabled daughter with a belt, apparently for downloading games and music. The man is a Texas court-at-law judge named William Adams. His daughter’s name is Hillary. And she’s the person who recorded and uploaded the video.

Warning: The video is graphic and prolonged. Don’t watch if you can’t handle, or don’t want to see, serious physical and emotional abuse.

The YouTube video is accompanied by a fairly detailed summary:

2004: Arkansas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father’s backwards views. The judge’s wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge’s wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can’t even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again. His “judgement” is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.

Though the video was uploaded on October 27, it wasn’t until today that it began to receive attention—thanks to the popular link-sharing site Reddit, where a poster identifying herself as Hillary Adams shared it (with the title “Family law judge beats own daughter for using the internet, please spread”), writing that she’d decided to post the video (which she’d been “holding onto… until the right time”) after receiving “a barrage of harassment” from her father over the phone.

Posting to Reddit was the right move. The site, which has a strong protective streak, quickly sprung into action. Posters, encouraging others to call and write, provided links and phone numbers to news outlets, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct—and to the judge’s place of work. As is not uncommon in situations like this, the official Aransas County website is down as of this post, likely thanks to heavy traffic from Reddit.

We should note that we can’t specifically confirm that the man in the video is Judge Adams. See below. As you can see, this photo of Adams, taken from the Aransas County website, bears a clear resemblance to the man in the video. We’ve emailed his office for comment. We also reached out to Hillary—though, in a weird twist, someone calling himself “JasonAnon” appears to have gained access to her accounts, and even run a fake question-and-answer session on Reddit before revealing himself.

Update: “I know in the article you say you cannot confirm the man in the video is him, but I can. It’s him,” Hillary’s friend J. Andre Bardin tells us. “That’s his voice, that’s his mannerisms, and that is his house.” Between Bardin’s confirmation and the photograph we see no reason to doubt that the man in the video is Hillary’s father, Judge William Adams, and have updated the post accordingly.

26 Responses

  1. robb foran

    This man needs to be punished for his actions and get the same thing she got and worst. needs to go to jail in time for his actions. it’s irrelevent for what you got punished 4 she’s only a 16 year old girl.

  2. shane

    I may be young and have gotten my beatings from my parents. But for a man to do that to his daughter isn’t right is like to have me and friends beat the hell out of this guy. You don’t do that to a girl a boy on the otherhand maybe. I could never raise a belt like that if I even had a daughter. Bubba love the show and all the crew been listening here in Charleston everyday for a while.

  3. Sherry

    I listened to the radio show this morning about this story and as I listened over the radio my heart just broke hereing this girls cries and begging her father to stop beating her. I was crying and just sick from this. This man is even a judge and a father whom should be beat and treated the same as that girl was. HE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED FOR HIS SICK SICK CRUEL ACTIONS!!! I hope He recieves the highest punishment possible. Hillary I am so sorry You had to live with such EVIL!!!! You still were so so kind to him as He BEAT You OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! Your Mother should of took the beating over You feeling that beating.. My heart goes out to You and I believe I seen a younger sister to you I hope shes never allowed to be near your father either.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you. I must of been so scary to post this video but its good you did. I’m sure You’ve been beat on a regular baseces by the sound and look of this video. I hope Judge William Adams gets the highest of punishment possible. GOD BLESS YOU HILLARY!!!! YOUR VERY BRAVE.

  4. Joe Dirt

    This guy needs to go to jail, updates on this is a must

  5. backrow8

    I can’t believe what I just saw. This is some of the most disturbing video I have ever seen. I am former military and even worked in EMS for several years and have seen some truly terrible scenes but to see a father beat his daughter like this has left me shaking. I am not so naive to believe that this hasn’t and doesn’t go on in decipline heavy homes but this coward is clearly trying to establish his totalitarian rule over a child and his wife. My only hope is that people like this get what they deserve.

  6. Michael

    This asshole and his wife both need to be put in prison, in general pop and lets see what happens to him when the yardbirds find out what they did to their disabled child, plus the fact that he’s a judge, how long would they survive…sorry about your damn luck judge!!!!!

  7. Lacey

    The mom is just as bad!!! HORRIBLE EFFING PARENTS and another example of what is wrong with the judicial system. Makes me sick.
    ~Lacey/Jacksonville, FL.

  8. Maria

    This sort of man if you can call him that, is the sort of person who should never be a judge, he apparently has problems controlling his temper and definitely has bad judgement. Eventhough the mother claims to be abused, I feel like she could of done more for this child. I can’t begin to imagine what this child has been through during her young life. Perhaps he use to abuse the mother and maybe that is why the child was born with this disease.

  9. Dickdog

    The ass hole should go to prison !!!!!!!

  10. Dickdog

    Up him in prison thats where he belong’s !!!!!!!

  11. Leslie

    This “man” needs to be locked up for life!!!! How can someone do this to anyone?? Especially your own child. I hate to know what he did to the little one!! He deserves a good a$$ whipping just like he gave. Let’s see what kind of grown *$$ man he would act like taking a beating like that. This is probably just one of the many that occurred.

  12. Pat C

    This is a horrible display of behavior of the father. If he’s a judge – he should be DISBARRED.

    A beating for downloading a game. Sorry ass example of a “fucking human being.” Should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

    Kids can push you to the brink – but a video game or music? A REAL parent should have the patience and ability to cope accordingly – this was beyond horrible!! He should be ashamed of his self.

  13. Kristen

    First want to tell you I love your show. I was, as always, listening to you on my way to work this morning and I gotta tell ya I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach listening to this jack a__ do that to his daughter. I too was disiplined as a child and my father gave me the belt, as a child not a 16yr old,and I now to this day I will never forget it and it was not even close to what that pig did to his daughter, I think he does deserve to be put in a room with a few BIG brawly men and be beaten himself, and be told to take it like a man!!!
    Just had to leave my comment on this one. You guys are the best!!


  14. Lee

    Another example of a system that has failed when a judge does this

  15. sheila

    I don’t know how many beatings I took just like this one, but I can tell you it has scarred me for life. It’s a constant battle to try and get over the anger and rage that you feel not to mention the other feelings and issues it brings on. I was sickened and thrown back in time as I watched. I however am not physically disabled like this poor girl. So sorry for her that she had to endure the wrath of her poor excuse for a father. I hope the hell someone throws his ass off the bench and straight into jail. What a disgusting human being he is.

  16. sheila

    I don’t know how many times I endured beatings just like this one but I can tell you that it has left me scarred for life. There are so many emotions that you go through in trying to come to terms with how to heal yourself. The anger and rage have definitely caused many issues in life. I’m so very sorry that this young & physically handicapped girl had to go through these horrific beatings. Your supposed to have the time of your life when your young and most people will say if I could only be young again. If she’s anything like me you don’t long for your child hood or to be back with mom and dad. It was prison for me and i’m sure she feels the same. I hope they throw lousy son of bitch off the bench and straight into jail. He’s a sick bastard who doesn’t deserve to be called a father or parent and he will have to live and pay for what he’s done one day, be assured of that.

  17. Uggggggg

    REALLY!!!!!!! CARMA!!!!!!

  18. DUdeson :P

    I Believe I got a bigger belt, I Believe Anyone one of the Bubba army can afford to get a belt. Lets see How he likes getting beat into submission!!!! I Fully Believe in vigilante justice

  19. Spike

    I hope that this cocksucking asshole gets a tumor in his brain and suffers for a long time. Then I hope that he dies…….covered in his own shit, drool and piss. Fucking stupid, redneck, piece of filth!! The “mom” is a stupid shitbag & somebody should have sewed her cunt up before she was able to be raped by the animal that she married!



  21. Steven Bravo

    Maybe next time she won’t download games and music

  22. Mark

    THAT pisses me off! He should be made to endure the punishment he doled out!He’s a sick bastard that ought to get HIS butt whipped!

  23. Senseman

    I don’t agree with this tears came to my eyes, but the girl seemed to recover nicely after each beating? Just curious whats his record as a judge? Was he as tough on those before his bench

  24. Ben

    This.. this is just sickening. These are the type of people who are presiding over our courts? What kind of a country is this?

  25. russ

    He did go too far but the daughter did wrong and was punished yes harshly but sometimes a lesson needs to be tough. She won’t do it again i’m sure. i took a black and blue beating as a kid for stealing,i remember it still but it certainly didn’t scar me for life. Have i spanked my kids like that? never but that was his way of sending a message. i know most will disagree but since we lightened up we’ve turned into a weak nation. period!!!!

  26. Alex

    Judge should have realized his daughter would set him up, eventually (btw nice angle on the camera, get to see all 3 of them). This wouldn’t have been much of a video if she just did as she was told. Obviously, beating his daughter the way his father beat him is much less effective.

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