Jason Bermas documentary Loose Change “Final Cut” as well as “Invisible Empire”

February 1st, 2012 by Staff

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined

Jason Bermas presents Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined produced by Alex Jones.
The film can be ordered here http://infowars-shop.stores.yahoo.net/inemnewwoord.html

Loose Change

Loose Change Final Cut is the third installment of the documentary that asks the tough questions about the 9/11 attacks and related events.

4 Responses

  1. greg

    Ledge is a Loser! I can’t believe you set up an interview with Tucker! Scotty is an idiot. You guys need to keep him on a short leash

  2. Adam

    Well its about time people give a little love to Alex Jones and infowars.com. Right Brent?

  3. Norma Stitz

    Thank you for posting these. I have passed on the word where I can. I wish you were still on 101 and I want to taste the frumunda cheese off Ned’s balls. More the 101

  4. El Diablo

    You guys have some riveting discussions on your show and do bring up great questions about why things are the way they are in politics, medicine, etc. I do applaud that and you take risks and say things other are afraid to say. You are all intelligent people, which is why I am not quite sure why you would post this conspiracy theory drivel on your site? The 9/11 conspiracy garbage is pretty pathetic and these people are quite foolish. Every 9/11 conspiracy has been completely debunked and proven false with facts. Any retard who believes 9/11 was a conspiracy is basically a walking/talking monkey, which are what most humans are unfortunately I guess. Why don’t you just post videos about Bigfoot, alien abductions, and the Loch Ness monster?

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