Jailhouse letters from Dee Dee Moore

December 2nd, 2010 by Staff

TAMPA – Dee Dee Moore has been locked up in jail since February, charged with killing Abraham Shakespeare, a man who hit the jackpot by winning the Florida lottery.

Wednesday morning, FOX 13 received a stack full of handwritten letters from Moore, written from her jail cell.

They included excerpts from a book Moore says she’s writing. She says the title of the book is “One Step Closer to Crazy.”

She talks about being unfairly treated in jail, and continues to say she never hurt Abraham Shakespeare.

She says she believed the hole behind her house was being dug to bury money.

The two envelopes were marked “Important News,” with the return address “Dorice Moore, Orient Road Jail.”

Inside were pages of handwritten notes and photos of Dee Dee Moore. She writes she’s being made out by the sheriff’s office as a “fortune hunter.”

But she says her only intentions were to help Abraham Shakespeare. She said at one point, he was so tired of people begging him for money, he planned to burn the rest of his winnings — or bury it all.

So she says when two guys, one whose name was “Ronald,” began digging behind the house, she thought they were helping Abraham, and “didn’t think twice.”

Moore is charged with first degree murder. Investigators say she killed Shakespeare after befriending him, then transferring millions in money and assets to her accounts.

Shakespeare was shot twice and buried in a hole, behind a home Moore owned.

Hours before she was arrested, she told reporters she never hurt him.

“They’re saying that I took a gun, put it up and killed another human being. And I would never, ever, ever do that,” Moore said.

She calls herself a human pin cushion, saying “somebody’s trying to stick the 99th pin into me.

She refers back to the guy named “Ronald,” saying she and Greg Smith, who became a police informant, were trying to get Ronald “to tell us where Abraham was.”

Moore asks us to think like a “normal person” when listening to how investigators say she committed the crime.

Moore says why would she “bury him in my own yard,” “use my own gun and keep it,” and kill him in “only carpeted room in the house.”

Moore sent along two of her jail requests for medical treatment, one from two weeks ago. In it she complains about memory loss and chest pains.

In page three of her book, Moore writes, “people take only what they hear or read …as truth.”

She says the accused are left with scars from “social persecution” because rumors “are irretrievable.”

The sheriff’s office says they are relying on evidence in this case, not rumors. They say if Moore has issues with the investigation or her treatment in jail, she should discuss it with her attorney, not the media.

Moore writes she was forced to make statements to investigators, and gave different versions of events because she was afraid. She says someone was threatening to kill her son.

Moore is being held in the Orient Road Jail.

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