Jackson grandmother says 5-year-old abused her

August 17th, 2010 by Staff

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A Jackson County woman was in jail today after allegedly allowing her 5-year-old son to continually beat his grandmother.

Alice Hatcher, 58, called Jackson County sheriff’s deputies in hysterics on Saturday after allegedly being beaten and urinated on by her 5-year-old grandson, according to a criminal complaint on file in Jackson County Magistrate Court.

Hatcher told deputies that she had been staying with her daughter, Jessica R. Hatcher, 21, at the daughter’s home in Sherman for about a week after being released from the hospital. The older woman said she was relying on a wheelchair and a walker to get around, the criminal complaint said.

Alice Hatcher told deputies that her grandson began abusing her on Saturday as the boy’s mother lay on the couch nearby watching television, claiming that she “can’t do anything with him,” according to the criminal complaint.

Hatcher told deputies the boy repeatedly smacked her, hit her with her own walker and spit on her. She said she tried to fend him off with her cane but the boy took it from her and started hitting her with it.

Hatcher told police she tried to lock herself in her bedroom, but the boy punched and kicked holes in the door and eventually got in. He then threw an aerosol can at her and hit her.

As Hatcher struggled in her wheelchair to get outside, the boy followed her, hitting her with a mop. While trying to get to her car to lock herself in, he struck her and she fell to the ground.

“He then stood overtop of her and urinated onto her backside,” according to the complaint.

When she got back to her feet, Hatcher went for help.

Police said details of the scene, including items thrown about as described and a wet spot on Hatcher’s backside, were consistent with her story.

When police questioned Jessica Hatcher about what happened, she agreed that there was an argument. She told police the boy and his grandmother, “Just don’t click anymore.” She said she didn’t believe her son’s behavior was inappropriate and told police that being a parent was a burden in general.

She is charged with child neglect.

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