Is 25 gay? You decide!

July 14th, 2009 by

25 was pulled into the studio and was asked why he didn’t go after the cougar at caliente when he knew it was guaranteed ass!
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  1. arnold ziffle

    25 sperm gurgeling cent

  2. Jimmy from PA

    I voted yes just as a rib he’s not gay but i do think he has alot on his mind and something is bothering him for real. and hes so personal about himself its like you have to beat the shit out of him to get anything out of him but anyway hey you guys are great makes my 80 mile trip to work alot nicer thanks guys

  3. Norm

    Although it was hillarious to have heard 25 try to deny being on the downlow, which was again funny as hell, he’s not gay. Then again offer him some Puertorican male ass and he probably will not turn it down or come up with excuses as to why he can’t hit that. A manatee county white Puertorican.

  4. Curtis

    You can lead a horse to water…

  5. kevin turner

    Man 25 is a fag if hes as much of a pimp as hes made out to be he should have hit that hoe ASAP.Bet he loves to play hide the sausage at caliente loL!!!!

  6. Luc B

    If he isn’t gay his boyfriend sure as hell is

  7. Jay

    Man 25 isn’t a faggot. He may be a chubby chaser but he’s not down with the man ass.

  8. MetalKrew

    25 needs to ask the question…if he gays out for pay its just a job and a brotha needs the cash, so not gay…just broke. Now, if he gays out and doesn’t get paid…like he always does, then yeah…he’s Fagatron king of the gays!

  9. Russ

    Robbin says Bubba is gay,25 no. Now Spice goes both ways ask Ned, he knows Spice is gay, Spice must be gay by the music he plays.

  10. anthony

    yeah he is gay remember when he face f$#%@ed lumex

  11. Bob Hannegan

    Maybe a nigga jus wasn’t into hitting that cougar……….
    Know what ahm sayin?

  12. wile coyote

    He f*ed a plstic p***y …. enough said

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  14. bubbabaja

    nope not 25 but i think howard & robin got it right when they said bubba was gay the other day.and the way he acts now i think anybody that is that much of a pussy must be gay.

  15. Nick

    25cent is definitely a “down low brotha.” no doubt in my mind. if he won’t close the deal with, according to your show, a notoriously easy cougar with a thing for black guys then some serious questions need to be asked regarding his sexual preference.

  16. cyndi

    maybe she wasnt his type. i havnt seen her, but i know every man has a certain type. maybe she just didnt do it for him.

  17. sal polito

    he is a fizag like the mancow!!!!!!!

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