Iran simulates long-range missile attack on airbases in region, beyond

July 3rd, 2012 by Staff

A picture dated June 28, 2011 showing ballistic missile Ghadr, the modified version of Shahab 3, being launched during an Iranian military drill. Photo by AFP

( Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says launch of variety of homemade missiles meant to show Tehran is determined to resist the ‘bullying’ of forces from the region, and beyond.

Iranian forces launched long-range missiles as part of an extensive military drill on Tuesday, the Iranian state-run station Press TV reported, on the second day of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Great Prophet 7 exercise.

According to the Press TV report, IRGC forces launched Shahab 1, 2, and 3 missiles, as well as the shorter ranged Khalij Fars, Tonda, Fateh , Zelzal and Qiam, targeting “simulations of the trans-regional forces’ airbases” in the northern region of Semnan Desert.

The launch came after, on Sunday, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace division Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said that, by “firing missiles into these simulated bases, our commanders will assess the precision and the effectiveness of the warheads installed on the missiles.”

The IRGC commander added that the drill was meant to show to “regional and trans-regional countries seeking adventurism that the Islamic Republic is determined to resist their bullying and will give a crushing and decisive response to any potential act of mischief.”

“In case of any potential incident, Iran’s surface-to-surface missiles will descend upon them like bolts of thunder,” he added.

Also on Tuesday, Hajizadeh told the semi-official Fars new agency that IRGC was developing an advanced type of ballistic missile, capable of zeroing in on radar facilities, and that Iranian forces will be able to test the new projectile .

“The missile has a range of 300 kilometers for now, which will be increased soon,” Hajizadeh said, adding: “We don’t know any other country to have such a missile.”

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