Inmates accused of plotting murder, escape

July 17th, 2009 by

TAMPA – Investigators say their faces may show their youth, but there’s nothing innocent about the intentions of the five juvenile inmates.

“Don’t let the photographs fool you, look at the charges,” remarked Detective Wayne Bunton.

Detectives say Luis Juarez, Eric Munoz, Devon Serrano, Esteban Rivera and Ronald Ball plotted to bust themselves out of juvenile detention at The Orient Road Jail. But the escape was only the end game. Deputies say the men also planned to murder the on-guard deputy.

“Their intent was basically lure him into the cell, to wrestle him to the ground and to slash his neck,” according to Col. James Previtera with The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

It was last March when deputies say they noticed some odd behavior. The juveniles were doing anything to get a guard to respond.

“They weren’t going to be duped into thinking that these were just every day disturbances, that these guys flooding their toilets and trying to flood the pods just to be kids,” explained Previtera.

An investigation and an intense search turned up blades from razors the boys had stolen and a makeshift weapon they used the blades to make.

Deputies say Luis Juarez admitted, and even bragged to investigators, about his plan to murder the on-guard deputy.

“The callousness that they displayed just shows a total lack of remorse for their actions,” according to Detective Wayne Bunton.

Deputy Richard York works inside the juvenile unit and lives daily with the possibility of a deadly incident.

“I was shocked, really. I know what they’re capable of but when I found out they were actually going to carry something through like that, it was very shocking,” offered York .

The escape plan, according to investigators was never any good. But the plot to murder one of their men was real and well thought out; a scenario that came dangerously close to playing out.

“We can’t say enough about the deputies that uncovered this. I wish I could give them all life saving awards,” added Col. James Previtera.

Since the incident, deputies have added man power to the juvenile unit. They also no longer allow access to razors without supervision. All five young men face charges of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree on a law enforcement officer and conspiring to escape confinement.

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    Just execute them and save the tax payers some money.

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