Hulk Hogan Files Lawsuit Against Two Of His Attorneys

September 15th, 2009 by

According to The Tampa Tribune, Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit today against two of his many attorneys. Hogan claims that he was charged more than $1million in legal fees for them to defend him in the civil suit that was created by the wreck that left John Graziano in a semi-conscious state.

Hogan states that his insurance company, Progressive Select Insurance Co., could have represented him in the suit for free, but that he was never informed of this by his attorneys. Hogan is suing attorneys Morris “Sandy” Weinberg Jr. and Lee Fugatem stating that he never got the letter sent to business manager, Lewis, Birch and Ricardo, telling the firm an attorney named Bryan Reynolds was being retained by Progressive to defend him in the lawsuit.

Hogan paid a deposit and retainer, totaling $300,000. On top of that, Weinberg’s per-hour rate was $550 an hour, and Fugate’s was $475 an hour. Hogan’s legal fees eventually got to over $400,000, and Hogan informed them that he could not pay. They then tried to seek reimbursement from Progressive, who came back and stated that “much of the Defendants’ billings were grossly unnecessary and grossly inflated”. They were then removed from the case.

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  1. shane francis

    hogan your are a stronge man thats why everyone loves you.

  2. JD

    Way to go Hulk Boulder (post cereal guy)! Hang in there “Hogan” your payday is coming!

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