Homeless Jerry’s Cement Toes!

March 17th, 2010 by

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  1. Lou

    Holy Shizzz,

    You need to clip those things, put’em in the beer and have him drink from the cup!

  2. Cleveland

    Have him stir the beer with those nasty Phukers

  3. Elizabeth

    those are not CEMENT TOES!! Those are “years of neglect” toes…dear Lord!!! imagine snuggling up under the covers and having those babies scraping up against your legs at night…ha ha ha…

  4. Jim from SD FTE

    Those are worse than Brent’s big toe clip the nails and see what it would take for him or someone at the BRN to eat them

  5. george .albarran

    clip em and have him eat them in a taco .

  6. mike moses

    with easter coming up feed the homeless with a big bowl of food with his feet soaking in it and let the homeless help them self something really good maybe some kind of gumbo im a homeless person i can say this mike

  7. justin (phoenix)

    pork rinds…. good food

  8. HillBilly

    looks like wolverine is in the studio!!!!

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  10. bshiz

    Datz some nazty shiz.

  11. Brandon R.

    They look like Frito corn chips. Yumm!

  12. Lisa

    LMAO…so that’s what ‘semen’ exposure does to one’s toes….. you had me in hysterical laughing tears this morning Bubba! ;)

  13. phatdad1

    those are plain grosssss

  14. Jesse

    I’ll never eat Frito’s Scoops again!

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