Homeless mom of 15 out of jail after apology to judge

May 5th, 2010 by

TAMPA – A homeless mother of 15 was released from jail Tuesday, but her 12 youngest children will remain in state custody.

Angel Adams, 37, was being held in contempt of court for not answering a judge’s questions. However, she apologized to judge Tracy Sheehan and answered a key question on Tuesday.

“I do want to apologize to you,” Adams said. “And say I’m sorry to everyone in the room. To your question of my being pregnant, No, I am not pregnant.”

Sheehan ordered Adams released from jail, but did not lift the contempt of court finding.

“The contempt finding stands,” Adams said. “I, in no way, reward you for your contemptuous behavior, apology or not.”
Adams told the judge she had no idea where she would live. A meeting was scheduled between case workers, Adams’ family members and members of a church to set up a support system for her.

The judge will allow Adams to visit her children, but she must notify the state 48 hours in advance.

3 Responses

  1. Coma Dave

    15 kids! State needs to call in the “plumber” & get that leak fixed!

  2. ginger

    I think it was the plumber that layed the pipe too well……( I know lame but made me laugh)

  3. rb

    The 12 youngest children in State custody…. and just how much is that costing tax payers? I know, not very sensitive to the kids, they didn’t ask for it, but then again, neither did any tax payer, nor the upcoming tax payers that will be supporting the 12 children, as responsible citizens begin their working careers to support the bad decisions of one person… no wonder everybody is clamoring to get to America but so many refuse to apply for citizenship and get a legitimate job!

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