Hateful protest greets students at Plant High

April 20th, 2010 by

TAMPA, Fla. – As the sun rose on the first day of school after spring break, Plant high students huddled just inside the school gates and watched what can only be described as a ridiculous religious exercise.

Protesters from the infamous Westboro Baptist Church… a Topeka, Kansas-based bunch of anti-gay activists sang what passed for hymns and offered biblical allusions.

“God is your enemy,” shouted one protester holding a “God Hates Fags” placard.

Horns blared as traffic passed through the busy thoroughfare. Eight members of the WBC flock were on one side of Dale Mabry shouting down the military, education, and political correctness, and an ersatz counter protest began across the street.

“I just don’t see a point in it,” said Plant student Frank Davis. “They’re making themselves look bad and their religion.”

But, inquiring minds wanted to know, doesn’t your coming out here to protest against their protest give them credence?

“I guess.” he said. “I don’t really know, I just think it’s funny how they act so stupid.”

Which didn’t lend itself to much of a dialog, even when the counter complainers crossed the road.

“I’m perfectly well for them to have a right to have their say,” said a man who preferred to not give his name who was holding a “fail” sign which he continually pointed at the WBC members. “But I’m also well to come out here and protest against them.”

It was, by any measure, a spectacle.

Designed to incite.

Programmed to provoke.

But ultimately… doomed to failure.

“Because they’re all about hate,” said student Zack Bridges.

In addition to the Plant High stop, the group also protested at Tampa Catholic and at two different venues on the University of South Florida campus before leaving town in the afternoon… on their way to similar stops in Colorado.

The WBC website indicates the demonstrators are planning a return visit to Florida in May.
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  1. More on Ron

    These people are the worst. Dangerous and stupid americans. Free speech until someone gets hurt, then it’s terrorists. This is how freedom gets tainted when idiots actually do this in a high school. How is that safe? No different then the KKK. Kill em all and let someone sort them out.

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