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September 2nd, 2010 by Staff

Here is a list of charities Bubba audited on air exposing how much they do or do not donate of their earning and how much they spend on payroll.

Entertainment Industry Foundation (aka Stand Up 2 Cancer) –

Susan G. Komen –

Mothers Against Drunk Driving -

Lance Armstrong Foundation –

Terry Schiavo Foundation –

Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation –

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  1. jim morris

    where is the Susan Komens report

  2. Marshall

    Not really shocked people have been using other people for EVER. I have seen it in even smaller size foundations. Food banks selling food they get to business owners instead of giving it to the people it was intended to be used for.



  4. Robert (Cultgti)

    Its nice to see some have a set of balls and call these people out day in and day out!! Keep it up and the only ones that get pissed are the un educated!

  5. Jeff

    Need to check out the Humane Society of the United States and see how many animals they have rescued. They are all about awareness so be aware they want your money.

  6. Joe in Port Richey

    we all knew the MADD charity was a ruse ever since the original founder was forced out. The current management saw an oppurtunity to make some money and did it. MADD is no better that that HO Linda Hogan.. They rip off innocent people under a guise of lies… Think the Feds will do anything??? Hell NO!!!!

  7. Clint

    Bubba, Thank you for exposing these “not for profit” profiteers, as a parent of a 7 year old daughter with cancer it makes me ill to think these people are making such a big salary from people who give their hard earned money. September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and Susan G Komen for the Cure is planning a huge fundraising walk in NYC on September 12th! right in the middle of the month that has been designated for awareness CHILDREN with cancer! Apparently they do not care about anyone or anything except their own agenda $$$$.

  8. Mike Smith

    These links are to the guidestart website, but they normally charge to access these records. I know they are public records, however you guys should download them from guidestart and host the documents from instead of having links to the ‘protected’ section of guidestar

  9. Nicole

    For Susan G, why did their salary expenses go up ~$6M (38%) from the prior year when their revenues went down ~$19M (11%). How could they justify such a big increase in their payroll???? So glad you brought this to light.

    Another bad one is the professional fund raising companies that raise money for police/firefighter funds. They try to give the impression over the phone that they’re a cop calling, so you really feel like you have to make a donation. Unfortunately they got me, I felt intimidated and that maybe the “cop” would take offense and have it out for me. That sounds pretty close to illegal to me, wish I could have called him on it. Any research being done on those orgs?

  10. Gia

    Never again will I donate………….. I suggest people google these places before you give your hard earned money.

  11. Sara

    It makes me very sad that everyone is taking one side of the story and running with it as completely factual. There are many holes in the presentation of the information on this show, simply because no one at the show is educated about what SGK actually does and also because the people calling in are misrepresenting the facts.

    NO ONE is forced to pay the minimum on their credit card. As a person who registers to walk in the event, you have a fundraising goal of $2,300. If for some reason you do not raise those funds, you can simply choose not to walk in the event. The ONLY way your credit card can be charged is if you choose to walk in the event and have made that commitment. Any person who had their credit card charge did it knowingly.

    The organization is very clear about why they have a fundraising minimum, and there are certainly plenty of other events in which people can participate, including Race for the Cure, a one-day, 5K or 10K event with a $25 entry fee – no fundraising required.

    To Clint, the event in NYC is a 3-day event and they have one in virtually every state throughout the year and they are coordinated so that no two events fall on the same weekend. If they tried to have the walks during any given month that does not celebrate or raise awareness for any other illness or charity, it would be impossible. I can say with complete confidence that in no way shape or form would they or are they trying to diminish the importance of raising awareness for pediatric cancer, or any other cancer or illness for that matter; it’s just a coincidence of time.

    Do organizations mismanage funds? Yes, for-profit and non-profit alike. However, is it possible that because the events have grown each year that the organization might require more employees and, therefore, salaries would be higher? And isn’t it possible that, on the flip side, as the economy has weakened, that the actual dollar donations may have gone down? Is SGK making a difference in breast cancer research and awareness? Yes. Should they be held accountable for their management of the funds they raise? Absolutely. But please do not misrepresent the truth as hyperbole.

  12. Paul

    Sara, How can you justify the LARGE salaries that these “helpful” people are getting?

  13. Jerret

    Sara,I can appreciate what you’re saying in defense to SGK. I also understand that these non-profit organizations must pay their employees. What I don’t agree with is any money surplus that doesn’t automatically get funneled into research and awareness. Can you in good conscience tell me that SGK takes all the money that they raise, first pay payroll and expenses then spend all of the rest on the cure? I didn’t think so.

  14. Prove It, Sara

    You mean YOUR truth, Sara. The truth is available for all to see.

    Nice try at doing some damage control, bitch, but you’re a day late and a buck short.

  15. Mike Smith

    Hey Sara, how much do you get paid by SGK yearly?

  16. John M

    Why is Goodwill so damn expensive selling merchandise I gave them for free. Did anyone catch they put .06 on everything they sell. Nobody cares about 6 cents, but somebody is making millions yearly when their suppose to put the money toward crackhead rehab.

  17. vinnie

    bubba maybe you guys can interveiw the woman that started madd. i think she live in maine.

  18. Shawn

    If you want to give give to the Schriners Childrens Hospital. They help children with all kinds of problems and they don’t ever campaign for money like these non-profits do. Check em out….you’ll be suprised.

  19. Ned's Bastard son

    Sara, How much did SGK pay you to write that bullshit letter? I bet that bitch has a SGK tatoo on her arm. Drop Dead! THANKS Bubba and Crew for shinning the light on these fakes, I used to give to these a-holes….not anymore!
    Thanks again and I will follow you where ever you go after Howards contract is up! FTE…..Ned Dragons!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ron mccarthy

    { MAD WORLD }

  21. Brucifer

    Why no posting from North Shore Animal League?

  22. randy

    please check primary childrens foundation cuz i’m from utah and EVERYWHERE i go they try to get me to donate, i went to dennys and they asked if my daughter wanted to color a picture for primary childrens and i thought, sure then the check came out with a dollar donation added on it for coloring that piece of paper… i was pissed. needless to say i didn’t pay it but i’d like to know if they do any real good

  23. flabob

    I agree with Brucifer, why has nobody mentioned north shore animal league? could be because daddy howards wife does crap for them————-let’s not be hypocrites

  24. Brandy

    Wish Sara would call in so you could Evel Knievel her!!

  25. Roberto

    Great as others requested how about a few others I’ll second the Humane Society and ask for PETA and Make A Wish,

  26. Ben

    Typical BTLS listener responses! Bunch of Kool-Aide drinking tards! Do you’re own research or continue to be Bubba’s sheep.

  27. JohninDFW

    Coach us up, please guide all of us to the exact sections of the returns that explain what is taken in and what is paid out in salary and/or internal expenses.

    There are a bunch of forms and supplements (maybe I missed the bubble since everyone here thinks they’re a CPA??) point out the specific area(s).


  28. Dave

    NY Daily News must listen to the show last week. They are doing a big thing on Bono’s ONE Campaign

  29. Dave

    Sorry forgot the link LOL

  30. Justin

    Great job guys. Hey Ben I would rather drink the Bubba Kool-Aid then choke down all the lies that alot of these “charities” and for that fact politicians have been feeding us all these years. Bubba has no reason to steer us wrong.

  31. Colleen

    Some of you listeners have left some really retarded, crude responses to Sara. Don’t you think that calling her names is a little bit juvenile? Cut the vulgar language & learn how to spell, please. If you disagree with her, fine, but at least be civil about it, morons.

  32. Bruce

    Yeah what exactly should I be looking at? what tells me what was taken in, and what was given out? Im an economical retard!

  33. (L)SD

    I agree with Colleen. Let’s not call anybody a bitch UNTIL we know for sure! :) Let’s all send an email to 60 Mins (CBS) and try to get them to figure this all out, and spell it out clearly for us non-CPA Morons.

  34. chris

    hey colleen your a retard

  35. dan the man

    in this day and age charity starts and ends at home.

  36. jason

    hey ben .. using the phrase”drinking the kool-aide” proves you drank it too..

    and i’m with bruce,what two lines am i supposed to be looking at..from what i can tell the donated like 129 million dollars but then again im just stupid white trash so i may need some help

  37. Dave of Boynton

    You guys need to make it easy for us. That is alot of info and I have no clue on how to find out what I heard on the radio. My son’s school is asking for a dollar tomarrow for breast cancer and I wanted the info to pound them.


  38. Alex

    So this is another site that i have used in the past.. it lists Susan G. Komen as 4 stars… can you please give us the dollar amount that was given to research? or what line is it at?


  39. Jim

    Its funny I went to the Charity Navigator website and they rank Susan G Komen as very high with a 63.34% rating. That nearly placed them in the top ten charities and they have a 4 star rating. The one thing they dont show is how much of your dollar actually goes to the cause they represent. They kind of lump it all together into “expenses”. Its confusing and certainly not very clear. One rating site says one thing and GuideStar says something else. Which is to be believed?

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