Grow house bust in Pasco

October 14th, 2009 by

A trio of relatives, including a young husband and wife apparently determined to buy property in Colorado at any cost, are accused of running at least three marijuana grow houses in gated Pasco County communities.

Deputies raided the homes Tuesday morning, collecting at least 131 plants and dozens of pounds of dried pot ready for sale on the street.

“Very sophisticated,” said Al Nienhuis, a Colonel with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. “They even had the lights made so that they will raise and lower to simulate sunrise and sunset and the changing seasons.”

Nienhuis said two homes are owned by others and were rented by Robert and Katie Lynn Yates; the third home was rented Reinaldo Ramirez, a Yates relative.

Plants hauled from one home included inspirational messages written on them. One read, “Financial Abundance,” another was labeled, “Reaching Our Goals.”

According to Nienhuis, Mr. and Mrs. Yates were trying to earn money to buy property in Colorado.
“They were obviously looking to invoke the power of positive thinking in the grow operation,” he said.

Neighbors said they were stunned by the raids.

“I’m looking at the plants over there and I can’t believe this is happening in my neighborhood,” said Rick Gonzalez.

Others said the couple did arouse some suspicion, just not anything criminal.

“I notice that they didn’t go to work a lot,” said neighbor Roger Bramwell. “So, I said to myself how do they get money?”

The home Reinaldo Ramirez rented at 1845 Highland Oaks Blvd cannot be located in the Pasco Property Records. Typically, property records are hidden from public view only for law enforcement officers, judges, or public officials who seek protection.

Pasco Sheriff’s Spokesman Kevin Doll said he did not have information about the owner of that home.

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