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April 25th, 2009 by admin


VIDEO: If you missed it visit Bubba’s Racing Page for the video of Bubba and his family giving the most famous words in racing Click Here

PHOTOS: Bubba found some fans sporting a Bubba Army Flag at Talladega Click Here

Annual race at Talladega Superspeedway Aaron’s 312

National radio star Bubba the Love Sponge® has been named Grand Marshal for the 2009 Aaron’s 312 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama on Saturday, April 25.

The 312-mile race is sponsored by Aaron Rents, Inc., and is part of Aaron’s Dream Weekend at Talladega. The Aaron’s 312 race, one of the most popular in racing, is scheduled to be broadcast live on ABC-TV.

“We are thrilled that Bubba will be giving the command to start the Aaron’s 312,” stated Ken Butler, Chief Operating Officer of Aaron Rents, Inc. “Bubba’s love of racing is very apparent and I believe his ‘Bubba Army’ fan base is a perfect fit for Aaron’s and NASCAR.”

Bubba’s Grand Marshal duties will include greeting each of the drivers as they are announced on the driver introduction stage, addressing the crowd of more than 145,000 and issuing the most famous words in racing: “Gentlemen, start your engines.”

“I couldn’t be more honored or excited,” said Bubba, whose No. 1-rated syndicated talk and entertainment radio program reflects his enthusiasm for racing.

Bubba currently owns the 8-car race team, CRI (Clem Racing, Inc.), consisting of two dirt late models driven by him and renowned late model driver Keith Nosbich; Bubba’s 6-year-old son, Tyler Clem; and 9-year-old Michael Atwell, along with four quarter midgets driven by Tyler and Michael, as well. The team competes across the US, and has major corporate sponsorships. Tyler and Michael are also two of the youngest drivers to enjoy development deals with Stewart/Hass Racing, Tony Stewart’s new NASCAR racing team.

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  1. PABLO


  2. John Traub

    Way to go Bubba. I will be sure to be watching that race. Congrats. I am a new fan I just started listening to you on Sirrius. I used to be monsters fan when I lived in Florida. But you have there show beat hands down. Keep up the good work

  3. Marc Crumpton

    Way to Go Bubba! Very exciting news—- Congrats on all of your continued success! Keep it going—- all the way to the TOP!

    Good stuff, so glad to hear everything is going so well for you!

  4. Alan Peters

    Another example of your continued climb to the top Bubba.. Keep up all the great things that you doing!! P.S. MJ SUCKS!!

  5. Tony Webb

    I am glad you are getting the recognition you deserve for all the good you do on and off the air. Keep up the good work keeping Tampa Bay entertained.

  6. Tony in Miami

    With a name like Pablo, WTF do you know about NASCAR ??? Go drive your burro to the nearest taco stand ! WAY TO GO BUBBA ! I know I’ll be watching !

  7. Demps Wilson

    cant wait to see you there.

    all for tiz, you go little man

  8. CK Ambrose

    That’s awesome that you’re going to be there Bubba! I’m coming down from Charlotte to go to the race that day. Can’t wait to see you there man.

  9. Grant

    Hey Bubba, try and get some super hot chicks in bikini’s to be at your side when you’re on TV.

  10. bevis007

    pablo,pablo,come to florida.BUBBA ROCKS!!!

  11. Phil in Calif.

    Pablo can drive his taco wagon back to mexico. Looking forward to seeing you on Sat. the 25th Bubba. Love the show
    and please keep talking about racing, FU Manson and Spice.

  12. Jack Bains

    I’ve got Hot Pit and Media credentials to shoot the race and I’m pumped to get some pics of Bubba on the big stage. This is gonna be sweet.

  13. alex

    what would be really cool is if the crowd would start yelling bubba army when he came up

  14. Jim in S. Jersey

    We will be in the infield flying the “Bubba Army” Flag from our motorhome. Stop by on your golf cart and see us Bubba!
    (Front Runners 2, Row 1, Space 303)

  15. Mark

    Congrats Bubba, come party on Talladega Blvd. My spot is #288. Go Tony!!!

  16. matt

    Pablo must not be a fan. Why would that dumbass bother with a comment. Good for you Bubba!!

  17. Clint

    Hey Bubba! Is there anyway you set up a stand or make it possible for Bubba Army to met you at Talladega. I know you’ll be busy, but were greedy. Just a thought.

  18. brent

    talladega is one of the best races and bubba is the best radio shock jock. two of a kind. cant wait to see bubba on tv giving the command, wish i could be in alabama this weekend.

  19. Eddie Jenkins

    I can’t wait to hear Bubba say “Gentlemen Start Your Engines Willy”!!!!

  20. Mike

    Ill be drunk in OC MD wathing this on tv, thats awsome!

  21. craig stambaugh

    GO BUBBA ARMY. DEGA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. craig in florida

    go bubba shake and bake

  23. Deb Teague

    Way to go BUBBA,,,,can’t wait to see you on the tube,,wish i could be there,,,

  24. herb

    Hey Bubba will you be there on Sunday?? If so where? I sit on the infield in the miller lite paddock club, I would love to meet you, my wife and I have been fans since you started on Sirius…

  25. Dumbass

    But will his fat ass fit in the flag stand. It would be great to be able to see his fat ass climb up there. Nascar wouldnt be where it is today without Jeff Gordon, he is the KING OF NASCAR… for five

  26. Bubba Says Dale Jr Can’t Win | RacingWin

    [...] personality on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Howard Stern channel.  He’s set to be the Grand Marshall for Saturday’s Aarons 312 Nationwide race. I doubt he’ll get a warm reception from [...]

  27. marie fannin

    Bubba needs to keep his thoughts to himself when he talks bad about Dale Jr. We fans know Jr is a fine and honest young man and all of us will follow him no matter what.Bubba needs to go play with Howard Stern and stay out of NASCAR.

  28. jenny

    I agree with that Craig dude in Florida

  29. jenny

    He sounds like he knows what he is talking about…Shake and Bake Bubba!!!!

  30. possumfte

    Gentlemen start your engines!, no, gentlemen stizart yizor engines! no, everyone mark out to the two baddest men on the planet Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge.

  31. Bob Hannegan

    Wiiizay to go Bubba……….Giiizentlman…….stiiizart your iiiiiizingines!!
    From a total mark in Havasu Az.

  32. Mike in Reno

    Good Job Bubba! I was listening on Sirius and when you made the announcement. For a second I thought you said something bad and they bleeped you, but after further review (love that rewind) I realized the crowd couldn’t be heard very well. It would have been funny though. Love the show and screw the (Jr.) haters.

  33. DARRYL

    Great way to start a race! It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

  34. teabhone

    Bubba, big fan from Newport Beach,Ca. Saw you on Saturday on big time T.V. ABC. Great job, Been a fan from day three. The very best to you and you’re team.

  35. Mark

    Bubba you did a fantastic job… Heather looked hot as always.. you got a couple of good looking kids there.. all in all a nice happy looking family..keep up the good woork..

  36. Greg

    DAMN! Bubba is huge. Put down the food and run bubba.

  37. Spike

    My 18th Trip to Dega, it was cool to see you there Bubba I was front and center as you did the grand marshall thing you did a great job dude!

    DEGA RULES!!!!


  38. Jr SUX!!!

    Bubba hit the nail on the head about Jr. He is not gods gift to racing like evryone of his fans thinks he is. He is not and never will be his daddy. If his last name was anything but Earnhardt, he would be just an average nascar driver!!!!!

  39. KC

    Forgot to tape the damn race! Thanks for putting up the “start your engings” on btls.

  40. KC

    oops – that should be engines.

  41. » Seth macfarlane finally visits – The Howard Stern Show

    [...] too dirty. Yucko the Clown called in on a shitty cellphone. The crew listened to a clip of Bubba the Love Sponge performing his Grand Marshall duties at yesterday’s AARON’S 312. Howard suffered through Lindsay Lohan’s cover of “I Want You To Want Me.” [...]

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