Girl calls 911, saves dad’s fingers

September 15th, 2010 by Staff

CANTONMENT, FL (CNN) – A little girl from Cantonment, FL learned all about the 911 system last year. Her father taught her how to make a call in case of an emergency. One arose that put the second grader to the test.

James Chastang has had sole custody of Amalyah for most of her life. Until recently, the most exciting event in the 7-year-old’s life was the loss of her two front teeth. But a table saw changed her serenity.

Chastang was making a cage for one of the girl’s many animals and cut off two of his fingers.

“Held [my hand] to my chest and I could feel the heat running down my body and both legs were covered in blood,” Chastang recalled. “And I said, ‘This ain’t gonna be good.’”

When he tried to use his cell phone to call for help, the screen was too blood-splattered to dial. He called for Amalyah.

“He said ‘Hurry’ and I hurried,” Amalyah said.

“[I] gave her the phone and she was just as calm as could be,” Chastang said. “She went in the house and started cleaning the blood off.”

After wiping the screen with a rag, Amalyah calmly called 911. An ambulance came and Chastang’s fingers were reattached.

Amalyah said her dad tells her daily “that I’m his hero and that he loves me.”

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