Friend of Show Arrested!

July 27th, 2009 by

Friend of Show, Stormy Daniels arrested for domestic violence!
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  1. Steamy Load

    Droppin loads all over stormy’s DUI snizzzzzzzatch

  2. RobStyles

    Man oh man, what make-up can do for a gal!

  3. Furzy

    We saw her friday evening at the Tropical Stormy Party at the Fairvilla Megastore, in Cape Canaveral and she did not seem quite herself. abit dressed down and not totally there at her signing/Meet-N-Greet not at all like her on air show personallity, you could tell something was bugging her…

  4. Bruiser

    She decided her husband was going to take a shot to the face for once!!

  5. chris

    I meet her last friday on fairvilla megastore in cocoa beach, she seem to be a stuck up bitch!she was charging people 20 dollars to take pictures with her.she didn’t look that good and she wasn’t fun to be around with, so i walk away and went home.i was very disapointed.

  6. David the Madman

    Who did she whip? MJ??

  7. Alex M

    No Furzy, that’s the way she is in public and with her fans. She puts on an act on air but when you meet her one on one, she acts as if you’re bugging her and that you should be happy that she took a second to acknowledge you. And no I’m not “Hatin” just telling the truth as I witnessed it.

  8. TigahRag

    She was very friendly back when she used to give bjs in the VIP room at The Gold Club – Baton Rouge.

  9. stout


    I guess my wife’s an “actress” too then, because we bone and I pay.

  10. Afreaux

    This regrettable incident will at least have some value if it can help inspire a true national dialogue on race.

  11. USMCTiger03

    If only I wasn’t hiding my obvious homosexuality behind my pent up aggression I would find Stormy attractive.

  12. USMCTiger03

    I would find Stormy attractive if it wasn’t for my obvious homosexuality I hide behind my pent up sexual frustration.

  13. GeauxChrisSports

    Stormy has been nothing short of an angel toward me. her trailer even has a wheelchair ramp and is completely ADA compliant

  14. Gaddget Man

    Some people are very shallow. Make up or no make up I’d still bang her.

  15. JD

    Looks like Charlize Theron in “Monster”. You really missed the boat on that one spice-boy. Between her and that beast Jessy Simpson i’m starting to wonder about your taste

  16. NEFlgrown

    Stormy needs to step away from the Meth pipe. She used to look great but looks like a Meth Whore now.

  17. Kevin Stout Construction

    what ever happened to all this?

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