Frank Caruso Telephone Tough Guy

May 18th, 2009 by admin


Frank Caruso is back to being a telephone tough guy now that the police have close the investigation into Hogan phone threats. Today he called into the show trying to call Bubba out, but he backed out like a little bitch that he is!

Check out the video of this clown on Bay News 9 here… watch the video now

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  1. Randy

    your a big pussy anyone who gets on the phone talkin about what there going to do is a fake and a fraud real people walk the walk fake people talk the talk.get a life frank your all talk fag

  2. Tim

    what a punk bitch! I can’t count how many times Bubba asked you for a place and a time, not once would you approach it. Telephone tough guy, the name says it all. What a loser!

  3. whatdahek

    Yo Frankie,

    You got your card pulled fag. Both Hulk and Bubba asked you to come through to the BubbaGon. Just come through Hulk is a professional athlete and Bubba is just big. Both of them will f### you up. Why talk a mean game about guns and pussy shit. Get back to throwing some blows. Bubba would you give him some head gear just to protect his fag face???

  4. Daryl

    What a Pud! I can not stand punks who talk crap and never back it up. Claiming to be a Marine, and a street thug, what a joke! Why not do a live pay per view fight with all the proceeds going to his own brothers rehab! That is one pay per view I would gladly buy in any economy…… One thing I will give him credit for, he certainly has a pretty prison mouth, and I bet he can open it real wide!

  5. Amanda

    I am a professional woman, I listen to your show a few times a week on the way home from my job as a Registered Nurse, I listened to your show this morning when that guy “Frank” called in and “Hulk Hogan” was on the line, it truly disgusts me that there is a human being out there with so much hatred in his heart that he feels the need to disgrace himself as well as his brother (god bless him and praying for a full recovery) by being mad and full of venom towards Hogan and his friends and family over something that was totally an accident, it is disheartening that there are people like that in this world that can not forgive and come together in support in a positive manner for a brother and a friend who desperately needs a of love and support to speed his recovery,no good will come of his brothers anger, I am sorry that there are people like “Frank” in this world, they definately make it a harder world to live in. Dealing with people day in and day out in a critical environment, I count my blessing each day I can make someone smile and hate the fact that there are people that dwell in the negative, life is much to short and you realize that when you are there with people taking their final breath.

  6. Spider-Clown

    Big Mouth Wanna be tugg. Maybe your life sucks butthat doesn’t mean your a tough guy Frank. Maybe Hulk’s son is a douche, but your not anybetter. He is truly the nobody. I mean was he talkingabout killing Bubba and his crew? Why call anyway, just show up if it’s what it is. But I enjoyed it. Some action finally on the show. Oh and Frank is proably just crazy, like Stupid Crazy, not badass crazy. Look at him

  7. Hulk

    So many phone calls, for what brother. Now this dude has buried himself. Just a matter of time before he keeps pushing and winds up in alot of trouble.

  8. Frank

    Only The ones who talk alot are the ones that are fake. Frank is just a waist of sperm. I wonder what this dummy does for a living? Hope is daddy rotts and I hope he joins him to.

  9. Richie "the bad ass" Caruso

    Anyone that cant shave their neck hair must be a bad ass! Especially with the wolfy unibrow going. Frank isnt nothing but a smelly coward bitch that i personally seen trying to tough talk a guy and got his shit rocked! He cried like a lil bitch made! Anyone that switches from talking like a mob gangsta to urban gangsta back and forth is a douche bag! Frank need to worry more about shaving his neck and back, and getting the brows waxed, he aint gangsta hes a DOUCHE BAG! lmao

  10. John

    Hay Frank, David Hasselhoff called, he wants his hairdo back! You piece of shit. You are the kind of guy that would hold his grandma face down in the mud while a bulldog f###ed her. Crawl back under your rock you wannabe goomba.

  11. CrackThe Clown

    Are you serious Frank!?! I heard You Made a call this mourning. What A Dumbass. What are you gonna do brother? Forget guns you panzzy, you don’t even now how to use one. Probably shoot your own foot off you loser. I hope you run over somebody as bad as you and go where your piece of **** Father is. What happened man? What Happened? What happened to you

  12. Big Dutch

    Frank, you’re a tool. You’re a scared little bitch. Telephone tough-guy = GIANT PUSSY!

  13. Ree Griffith

    What a douchebag.
    Nice mustache, tough guy…how many balls have you had slapping that chin? Loser white trash trying to cash in on a US Hero’s tragedy. Had nothing ever happened to your half-brother…where would you be right now? Probably hustling old men for BJ’s…Keep that sissy beard trim there, buddy!

  14. 1%

    When and Where Frank?

  15. tony

    its amazing how dillisional some people really are. after listening to the phone call a second time it really made me think that he was trying to bait bubba into threatening him so he could file some charges for threats on his life. just another mark looking for a handout!

  16. Goose

    Ayy Frankie!

    You’re the type of homo that loves to hear himself talk. Do you honestly think anyone takes you seriously? Not even the DA thinks you’re a threat. Everyone knows you’re all talk and no action – pussy!

    Bubba owned you, Frank. You didn’t stand a chance.

  17. JD

    Speaking as a Law Enforcement Officer I can tell you that this is exactly the kind of scumbag a##holes we face on a day-to-day basis. Yes, we may put our life on the line everyday, that we can deal with, its what we signed up to do. But having to deal with the uneducated, gangster wantabe turds like Frankie, at times makes our job unbearable! He sounds like he was educated in the prison system by a bunch of jailhouse lawyers, who by the way know what their rights are, just let them tell you.

  18. OIFVET03

    Hey I am out in Cali so I just heard this loser. I have to admit I laughed the whole way though. This barstool tough guy is probably the same douche that will look you in your eyes and say he can beat Chuck Lidell also, that until he gets called out like what Bubba and Hulk did then he back pedals. This guy has a complex between Frank Caruso of the Jerky Boys and a little Back Street Boys with that sorry ass side burn beard.

    Frank you got schooled on Radio you Idiot, now all your friends know what kind of douche you are. All talk and no go. Bye the way don’t say your Cali and West side. Go back to whatever hole you climb out of TOOL.

  19. Frank Caruso

    [...] Bubba the Love Sponge® Show » Blog Archive » Frank Caruso … ( – May 18, 2009Frank Caruso is back to being a telephone tough guy now that the police have close the investigation into Hogan phone threats. Today he called into the show trying to call Bubba out, but he backed out… [...]

  20. Victoria Naples

    Andrew Dice Clay wanna be- do you think your brother would be pround of you. Seriously, if he was able to I am sure he would smack in you in the head and tell how stupid you sound. I hope you call Bubba again because I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.

  21. bubba army ftm

    frank what a waste of a life. I served over seas in italy in the marine cops and saw first hand italian mob men they dont talk they definatly don’t brag. he is hiding behind a cell phone so he could be any where. glad to here he’s a fan. what a mark !!!! pussy hope he gets whats comming to him. semper fi devil dog brent

  22. FoHead 45

    Frankie your a big pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your going to get yours!

  23. tweetygirl

    He is just wanting his 15 mins of fame. Too bad he is using his half brother he hardly knows to get it

  24. tamiami

    I guess his step-dad will eventually have company when Frank too will wind up in prison. Bubba, you gave this guy way too much air time. Makes you feel more sorry for John wanting to escape all the family drama.

  25. Frank Caruso Photos | Hot Web Trends

    [...] Bubba the Love Sponge® Show » Blog Archive » Frank Caruso …Frank Caruso is back to being a telephone tough guy now that the police have close the investigation into Hogan phone threats. Today he called into the show trying to call Bubba out, but he backed out like a little bitch that he is! … Read more [...]

  26. Christine

    Ha Ha Ha – I never laughed so hard on my way to work! I grew up with “doot-do-doos” like this in Brooklyn (if you’re from there you’ll know what that means). He probably drives a “Caadddy” and ownes a rotweiler as well. These “tough” guys always try to compensate for their lack of capability with women. EMPTY BOTTLES MAKE THE MOST NOISE!

  27. Christine

    P.S. – I hope the “real” boys from up north hear him & take a crack at him for mocking them!


    Sometimes this is what I hate about hip-hop and Mob Movies, These little pricks wanna be this stuff. They always wanna be the worst. So in a way, Tv and Music can rott ones brain. When it all comes down to it, when your locked up and swiming with the Sharks, Is that where you wanna be? Is that what makes a man become a gangster or close to it? If it is then it must be worth having your freedom and life taken away. So Frank, keep talking keep calling, it’s fun to see these morons fall. I love it. Until society figures out a new way of dealing with scum. I approve death penalty for bad men. Why have them

  29. WondermikeJ

    This guy is doing whatever he can to sound tough on the radio and tv; and just as he scorned Hogan and his family for doing so; he too is exploiting his step-brother’s ill fate…

    this is a classic poser at it’s finest.. Bubba and Hogan put him in his place properly, and exposed him for what he is; a loser who thinks he’s Tony Saprano..

    Too Bad he sounds more like Steven Seagal in a straight to video Goomba Karate movie…

    I’d be happy to step in the BubbaGon or anywhwere he’d like in Clearwater to whoop his ass..

    I’m 6′ 200lbs of “solid muscle” too bitch!!


  30. Ree Griffith

  31. John

    I remember people like this….in 1980, big tough guy that turns out to be a panzie.

  32. Bob Newberry

    Frank you can lick the choad sediments from under my balls you small penis phone tough guy! Why dont you tell everyone about the gummers and hummers you been coming to get at my establishment from the crack head bitches? You aint no tough guy you genital warts carrying piece of fossilized rat dung!

  33. Frank caruso

    To all of you maggots on my nuts first thing you gotta do get a strap then come find me and handle business but just like the obese sloppy faggot and his crippled gimp boyfriend you all worship you wont make a move you couldnt if you wanted i open the invitation to anybody that wants to get involved ill leave you where i see you 187 bubba lovin faggots white trash trailer park dwellin incest babies come to daddy terry when its over you will be crippled dont worry i will give a few scraps to your family laundry detail or you and nick will just be my personal bitches terry ask your widow how charlies nuts taste coward sincerly f.caruso caruso marines 187

  34. Nicholas from Toronto Canada

    OKay Frank that is enough of your tough guy act and get your act together, I Live in Canada and I’m so sick of you

    Bubba Army Forever!!!!

  35. The Mexican That's Going To Bitch-Slap Frank Caruso

    Hey Frankie, is your punk-ass in San Francisco right now? Well it just so happens that this Mexican Bubba Army member is chillin’ in the Marina District ALL WEEKND, so let’s meet up somwhere so I can bitch-slap your ass like the PUNK-ASS STUDIO GANGSTER BITCH that you are!!! So just tell me when and where, Frankie, when and where?! I’ll have all my Bubba Army gear on all weekend so when you see the Bubba Army logo, step up so I can blast your ass in the mouth and then drop the “Hogan” leg drop on your dirty-looking ass!

    All Bubba Army members arent a bunch of rednecks like you think, us gangster-ass Mexicans here on the WEST COAST represent Bubba Army to the fullest and all the homiez here in Cali will do your ass like we did to the Notorious B.I.G back in 1997!! So f### you and your Brooklyn accent!

  36. Frank's Master

    Frank is a pussy. I was in a club last year and Frank started mouthing off in front of my old lady. I had to straighten his midget ass out. Frank can take a punch though. He took one and fell down.

  37. The Mexican That's Going To Bitch-Slap Frank Caruso

    One more thing Frank… you aint from Cali so I would highly suggest you keep CALI and the WESTSIDE out of your mouth BITCH!!!

    P.S. I can’t believe you still blow-dry your hair… you are such a DOUCHE!!!!

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