Four Year Old Boy Calls 911 Saying His Dad Had Been Bad

January 18th, 2011 by Staff — 911 operators get a lot of unusual calls. The Niceville dispatchers in Okaloosa County aren’t any different. On January second a four year old little boy called in to report his father had been bad.

Here’s the way it went.

Hello, send a message to my dad, send a message to Santa that will say that dad is being bad. My dad’s been very bad, he really did.
Operator: Ok so,
Kid: Send the message all the way to Santa.
Operator: You want me to write a message to Santa?
Kid: Yes, and send it to Santa Claus
Operator: Ok, what’s your name? How old are you?
Kid: 4! Because I already had my birthday!
Operator: Ok so you want me to send a letter to Santa
saying your dad has been bad?
Kid: yeah
Operator: Ok, what did dad do?
Kid: When you’re bad you get a big rock and you have to
put it under your house.

The dispatcher sent an officer to the house, just the make sure everything was okay. Turns out the little guy just got angry at Dad, and wanted to make sure Santa Claus got the message.

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