Florida woman attacked, mauled by two pit bulls

March 17th, 2011 by Staff

Brevard County, Florida – A 57-year-old woman suffered severe injuries to her legs after an attack by two pit bull dogs as she walked through a Canaveral Groves neighborhood.

The incident happened about 8:52 a.m. today in the 4000 block of Hess Avenue where the woman lived.

A Brevard County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the woman and called for Brevard County Animal Services to remove the two loose dogs before rescue crews could get near the injured woman’s home.

Deputies reported that the dogs ripped a large chunk of muscle from the woman’s right calf and bit her left leg several times.

Brevard County Fire-Rescue paramedics took the woman to Cape Canaveral Hospital for further treatment.

She was in stable condition, Lt. Jeff Taylor, spokesman for Brevard County Fire-Rescue said.

Authorities gave the owner, identified as Cynthia Phillips, 4005 Hess Street, several citations, including a $500 citation for attack causing severe injury and a $55 ticket for failure to properly secure the animals. Phillips could not be immediately reached for comment.

“The indication is that the woman was walking down the road when the canines attacked her,” said Capt. Bob Brown, spokesman for Brevard County Animal Services.

“They were loose. A sheriff’s deputy spotted them and a guy came out and got them. We’re still investigating.”

Phillips signed over custody of the dogs, a male named “Rusty,” and another dog identified as “Scooby,” to animal services.

The dogs were taken to a shelter and will be quarantined for 10 days as a precaution for rabies and will likely be euthanized at a later date, Brown said.

An investigation is ongoing.

JD Gallop, Florida Today

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  1. Johnny D

    So the lazy assed cops CALLED a.s. to remove the two dogs during or after the attack????? If it was during,why didn’t they just shoot the fn dogs?!!!! If it was before,and I hope it wasn’t,why didn’t they put the danish or doughnut down and PREVENT the attack?! If it was after,once again,didn’t they shoot the fn dogs.What,are bullets like gas…..too expensive to actually use?! Sounds like a couple of “Barney Fifes”to me.

  2. Rooster2011

    JD, you need a donut up your ass.

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