Florida Students Suspended for ‘Kick a Jew Day’

November 25th, 2009 by

NAPLES, Fla. (Fox News) — Ten students at a Naples middle school were suspended after district officials say they participated in “kick a Jew day.”

District spokesman Joe Landon says a Jewish student at North Naples Middle School student reported being kicked on Thursday. The school’s principal addressed the entire student body the next morning and asked for anyone with information about the alleged attack to come forward.

The district determined that 10 students should be punished. They each served one day of in-school suspension Monday.

Landon says the first 20 minutes of the school day, which is normally used for reading and tutoring, will now be used to teach students about respect, kindness and ways to prevent bullying.

No criminal charges have been filed.

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  1. Stupid Monkey

    What is wrong with kids these days. There either racist or stupid. Like i can see it being funny if you don’t kick a jewish kid hard and if you know him or her, but if it’s like kick any random jew than that’s like something a parent would sue a school for or maybe even a offenders parents. Bullying is begining to get more and more ridiculous. Why can’t schools sort out the bad from the good, and stick the morons, not retarded, with other morons. Maybe all those bullies should go to a real bad school and see who’s laughing

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