Flagrant Foul? Youth Forced to Strip During Football Game

October 5th, 2010 by Staff

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) – Sahuaro High School football players huddled up to watch a story some could not believe really played out last week in Marana.

“I thought you were joking at first. I couldn’t believe that someone would actually do that to a little kid, really shocking to me,” said Cougars captain and senior Taylor Day.

“These life experiences are going to make the kid into a grown man and he’s going to build from this,” hoped running back Jacob Montigo.

But, that rebuilding could take some time. Nine-year-old Daniel Salazar was forced to strip down to his skivvies during a Tucson Raiders youth football game. And, it was all caught on cell phone video.

Underwear aside, some say just being a kid is tough enough, “I was a lil’ chubby kid so I remember being young and (my) sisters saying you got a little stomach on you. That was bad!” exclaimed junior Niko Kittrell.

“What kind of impact do you think it has on a nine-year-old kid to have to strip down to his underwear?” KGUN9 asked. “I’m sure he’s (Daniel) humiliated. It’s not something he’s ever gonna forget!”

fAnd, forget it. That’s what Daniel’s youth coach, Tony Heath, told the boy’s father when he wanted to pull Daniel boy from the game. The coach demanded the boy return his uniform right then and there! The fact that little Daniel had no change of clothes did not change the coaches mind.

“iIf you could coach the coach about his behavior what would you say to him?” KGUN9 asked Sahuaro Cougars coach Scott Mckee, “Let the situation. Well, you gotta let the situation cool itself!’

But the situation surrounding Daniel’s forced stripping got even hotter, with expletives getting tossed around like footballs.

Little Daniel has now told his dad he wants no part of the game, or the grown-ups, who he says sacked all the fun out of the sport

“If you could talk to him, what would you say to him?” KGUN9 asked, ” I’d tell him to keep his head up and not be embarrassed, and try coming back to football,” encouraged junior Damian Aguilar.

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