Father of Murdered Son Punches Defendant

June 29th, 2009 by

FLINT (WJRT) — (06/26/09)–A courtroom brawl was caught on tape Friday.

A Flint father punched the man accused of murdering his son. Now he’s in jail, too.

It’s unbelievable video captured by a camera rolling Friday morning inside of Genesee County’s 68th District Court.

The fight started right before Juanell Darrough’s preliminary hearing. He’s accused of killing Alex Pace Junior in December.

It was one punch, authorities say, that was prompted by a smiling defendant in Darrough. He’s accused of killing 22-year-old Alex Pace Jr. in December.

Pace was shot several times in the 100 Block of East Taylor Street. Darrough was just arrested earlier this month. He was being escorted by a deputy into court Friday morning.

“He looks into the audience (and) puts a big smile on his face. The victim’s dad, Alex Warren Pace, hauls off and punches him in the face,” said Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

And the crowd erupted and a defense attorney took cover under a table. Meanwhile, the Genesee County assistant prosecutor in the courtroom started pulling people away.

Judge Tracy Collier-Nix was not happy.

“You don’t laugh,” she said. “This is not funny.”

Flint Police Department Sgt. Mitch Brown took Darrough away. The crowd was pushed out into the hall.

In the end, Pace and another family member were arrested and at least one person was hit by a Taser gun.

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  1. PJF

    Worthless POS deserved it. Hope he gets the chair.


    Im sick of idiots like this clogging the court systems with their dumb,Im a badass you gots to respect me crap. Save money and time you commit murder and two or more people witness it, you’re dead within 24 hours.No trial no nothing at that point their dumb ass has lost the right to everything except the right to draw one last breath into the useless lungs.

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