“Extremist” group shuts down phone lines at sheriff’s office

August 2nd, 2011 by Staff

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) – The phone lines at the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office were shut down Friday afternoon. That’s because investigators said callers associated with an “extremist” group in the county are angry about one of their own being kicked out of the county GOP.

The calls have the attention of SLED and charges will likely be filed.

Caller: You guys aren’t even Americans. I compare you guys to the Nazis. You guys are so close to the Nazis, it’s disgusting.

For 45 minutes Friday afternoon, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office phone lines were under siege from four different callers. They placed more than 100 calls and were angry over former Kershaw County Republican Party Co-Chair Jeff Mattox’s ouster from the party.

Caller: I’m ashamed to call myself an American next to people like you.

The party voted Mattox out Thursday night, days after Mattox clicked the “like” tab on a Facebook article detailing when to shoot a cop.

The calls came after the web site stuffedsuits.com published a statement from Mattox, calling for Sheriff Jim Matthews’ resignation after the sheriff took offense at the cop shooting article. “I don’t want to give these guys anymore of a platform that they already have,” said Sheriff Matthews. “But I do think that people of Kershaw County need to know that there is an extremist group out there some place that are unhappy with me and some others in the county because we didn’t like that site, that are kind of going to war with us on this.”

The same site also posted an anonymous article, calling Matthews the number one coward in Kershaw County. “I’m a big boy,” said Sheriff Matthews. “I can deal with that. But when they take it a step further and they shut down the phone lines at the sheriff’s department, they’re affecting the public safety and affecting the safety of the people of Kershaw County.”

Now, the sheriff fears the group responsible for the calls are bringing their threats a little too close.

Caller: You guys think it’s a joke. You guys want to hang up the phone. But you’re not going to be able to hang up the phone when it’s at your door steps guys.

Investigators have opened a case into the calls and think the callers placed them using Internet phone-jamming software. “These people are using technology to harass us, and we’ll use technology at our disposal to find out why they are,” said Sheriff Matthews. “And when we do, we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office: All right, you have a good day.

Caller: You have a horrible day, and I wish the worst on you. You’re a criminal and a thief.”

The sheriff has asked SLED to assist his investigators in tracing these calls and serving subpoenas in this investigation.

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