Euthanized Dog Comes Back to Life

October 14th, 2010 by Staff

Source: Fox News — A Michigan man got an incredible surprise after the dog he euthanized came to life hours later.

Matt Olivarez said he took his beloved canine, Mia, to an area veterinary clinic to have the dog humanely destroyed.

“She got hip problems,” Olivarez said. “I went with the professional decision … to put her down.”

Following the procedure, for which Olivarez was billed $177, Mia appeared lifeless, Olivarez said. He said he took the dog home to bury her on family-owned land.

However, after placing what he thought was the animal’s remains in a barn, Olivarez later got quite a surprise.

“I’ll be darned, she was wide awake. She was just looking at me like, ‘What did you do to me last night’,” Olivarez said. “I was shocked.”

The clinic owner did not immediate return phone calls but a veterinarian who works there said the business was trying to examine all the facts in the case to determine what happened.

The clinic also promised Olivarez a refund and apologized.

“How to do you apologize for that? I was like, I got to go through this twice now,” he said.

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