ESPN analyst Bob Griese apologizes for on-air racial slur about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya

October 26th, 2009 by
ESPN analyst Bob Griese can’t stop apologizing for the racial slur he made on air during a college football game Saturday about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

The football commentator was promoting Sunday’s NASCAR race and the network displayed a graphic with the top five drivers.

Another commentator, Chris Spielman, asked “Where’s Montoya?”

“Out eating a taco,” Griese responded.

Realizing the personal foul, Griese apologized twice before the Ohio State-Minnesota game ended.

“Juan Pablo Montoya is one of the best drivers in NASCAR,” he said just before the end of the game. “I just want to apologize for the comment I made earlier in the ballgame.”

“It was regrettable and I should not have said it. I really enjoy NASCAR and I follow it closely and would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Juan, NASCAR and everyone else who heard my comment.”

The on-air flap came amidst a series of embarrassing incidents for ESPN, including the revelation that baseball commentator Steve Phillips was bedding a 22-year-old production assistant.

ESPN released a statement right after the football game, calling Griese’s comment “inappropriate.”

“Bob apologized during the telecast, and plans to apologize again during ESPN’s college football programming after his plane lands. ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for.”

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  1. Johnny D

    this once great nation has truely gone the way of “the pussy” when you cant even make a fing taco joke!!!!does anyone really think for one second he really cares about a taco joke besides i dont think he’s mexican. the way i can tell is ,he’s not fat and there’s no dog pecker flies swarming around his head! go Bob, Dolphins fn rule!!!

  2. mark

    he probably was eating a burrito

  3. The Masked Blogger

    I live in a border town and I doubt that it’s a coincidence that there’s a Mexican restaurant every 20 feet. Only in today’s screwball, left-wing society that mentioning that someone enjoys eating delicious food be construed as being racial.

  4. Bubba Army Fort Myers

    I find nothing wrong with what Bob said.. It was not a racial slur

  5. bill

    are you kidding me–montoya doesn’t eat tacos? When did we forget to laugh. Did juan say he was sorry for a the overly aggressive driving,whinning,complaining and did he say he was sorry to Jimmy Johnson for saying he was speeding on pit row when all NASCAR instruments said no. That sounds like he was accusing J.J. of cheating. jaun-shut up and win and I’m sorry you don’t eat tacos. they are really good and a plus to the American culinary landscape.

  6. Nike Trash

    I think we are all too sensitive trying to be politically correct. THis is far from a racial slur.

  7. RickBell

    he’s columbian not mexican…if anything he was prolly doin lines with miller somewhere

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