Elderly Woman Mauled to Death by Pit Bull

September 7th, 2010 by Staff

Source: WTVC — A family pet killed a grandmother Saturday morning in McMinn County. Sheriff Joe Guy says a woman’s pit bull attacked her for no reason.

85-year-old Mattie Daugherty had her dog for nine years.

“I saw the dog on several occassions. Never shown any aggression to me,” said Daugherty’s neighbor Dale Holbrook.

But Saturday morning that changed. Guy says Daugherty, her family, and a neighbor were doing work on Daugherty’s house at 151 County Road 492 near Etowah. Daugherty went inside, while her family worked outside. That’s when Guy says the pit bull jumped on the woman and wouldn’t let go.

Her family found her inside, with the dog standing over her. They couldn’t get close, so a neighbor tried to shoot the pet.

“Unfortunately that didn’t work,” Guy said. “Our officers arrived and they also fired their weapons to try to get the dog to release and it would not.”

Officer Randy Gabrel finally got the dog away, and Officer Tim Davis fired additional shots and killed it. They then tried to rescue Daugherty, but it was too late.

“It’s nobody’s fault,” said Holbrook. “Everybody is heartbroken over it, and wish they could do something about it, and nobody can do anything.”

Even though pit bulls have a reputation for being violent, Guy says there’s no evidence this dog was ever aggressive.

“Animals are animal and sometimes they do things like that.”

Guy does not expect to file any charges.

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