Elderly woman bitten by rattlesnake

August 11th, 2009 by

TAMPA - 87-year-old Ester Orrero has been fighting snakes off since a young age.

Originally from a small town in Italy, Esters daughter told us she’s had to capture and kill several snakes.

But she never expected to be bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake outside the front door of her Hunter’s Green home.

She thought it was a stick and when she picked it up to move it, the snake bit her.

Acting on instinct, she was able to beat it dead with her cane before she was taken to University Community Hospital.

Orrero had a cane in her left hand and beat the snake off, killing it. Paramedics put the snake in a bag and brought it to the hospital with Orrero to help identify it.

Doctors and snakebite experts administered 10 vials of antivenin to the victim as she was being stabilized in the emergency room.

Hospital spokesman Will Darnall says this is at least the sixth venomous snakebite victim brought to UCH this year; most have been victims from the New Tampa area.

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  1. snake that bit that mass murderer

    What the media didn’t tell you is is that the paramedics brought me back to life and as soon as I recover I’m going to once again bite that old dago for killing several members of my family.

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